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New Edited Collection: “Trajectories of Empire”

Trajectories of Empire: Transhispanic Reflections on the African Diaspora, Jerome C. Branche, ed. (Vanderbilt, 2022).

Introduction | Jerome C. Branche

Part I: The Iberian Scenario

Chapter 1: Tracing the “Fragmentary Facts” of a Foundational Slave Voyage | Elizabeth R. Wright

Chapter 2: Christianos nigros: Afro-Iberian Confraternities’ Social and Cultural Roles | Miguel A. Valerio

Chapter 3: In Search of the Black Swordsman: Race and Martial Arts Discourse in Early Modern Iberia | Manuel Olmedo Gobante

Chapter 4: On Enslaving and Impalement: The “Life” and Death of Chicaba, Black Woman Saint in Empire | Jerome C. Branche

Part II: Continuing Expansionism and the Circum-Atlantic

Chapter 5: Facing the Enslaved: Explorations for a Transatlantic Archive | Agnes Lugo-Ortiz

Chapter 6: A Postcard from Wakanda to the King of Spain: The Portrait of the Mulatos de Esmeraldas (1599) | Baltasar Fra-Molinero

Chapter 7: A Transhistorical and Translocal View of the Luso-Brazilian Imperial/Colonial World through the Poetry of Gregório de Matos (1636–1695) to Domingos Caldas Barbosa (1740–1800) | Lúcia Helena Costigan

Chapter 8: Silences and the Corporeal: The Enslaved Body in (Historical) Pain | Cassia Roth

Part III: Afro-Latin America: Black Marginality in the New Century

Chapter 9: Racial Dynamics and Tensions in Twenty-First Century Post-Revolutionary Cuba | Alberto Abreu

Chapter 10: Senzalas e Quilombos Modernos: Evoking the Legacy of Slavery in Brazilian Hip Hop | Eliseo Jacob

Chapter 11: Honoring the Bones beneath Us: Conjuring Black Heritage in the Performances of “Intervenções Urbanas” in the Gamboa Neighborhood, Rio de Janeiro | Maria Andrea dos Santos Soares

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