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New Book: “El Greco”

El Greco: Ambition and Defiance, Rebecca J Long, ed., with Keith Christiansen, Richard L. Kagan, Guillaume Kientz, Rebecca J. Long, Felipe Pereda, Jose Riello, and Leticia Ruiz Gomez, and contributions by Jena K. Carvana (Yale, 2020).

New Book: López García, “La esclavitud a finales del Antiguo Régimen”

José Miguel López García, La esclavitud a finales del Antiguo Régimen. Madrid 1701-1837. De moros de presa a negros de nación (Alianza Editorial, 2020).

New Book: Devereux, “The Other Side of Empire”

Andrew W. Devereux, The Other Side of Empire: Just War in the Mediterranean and the Rise of Early Modern Spain (Cornell, 2020).

Special Issue of R&R: Conciliarism in Spain

Xavier Tubau has edited a special edition of Renaissance and Reformation 42/3 (2019) on conciliarism in Spain.

Xavier Tubau, “Introduction.”

Darcy Kern “Beyond Borders: Jean Gerson’s Conciliarism in Late Medieval Spain.”

Jesse D. Mann, “Alfonso de Madrigal and Juan de Segovia: Some Conciliar Common (and Contested) Places.”

Emily O’Brien, “Letters of Alliance and an Alliance of Letters: Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini, Juan de Carvajal, and the Conciliar Crisis.”

Xavier Tubau, “Between Ecclesiology and Diplomacy: Francisco de Vargas and the Council of Trent.”

Thomas Izbicki, “The Fifteenth-Century Councils: Francisco de Vitoria, Melchor Cano, and Bartolomé Carranza.”

New Book: “Women & Community in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia”

Women and Community in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia, Michelle Armstrong-Partida, Alexandra Guerson, and Dana Wessell Lightfoot, eds (Nebraska, 2020).

Introduction: Contextualizing Women, Agency, and Communities in Premodern Iberia, Michelle Armstrong-Partida, Alexandra Guerson, and Dana Wessell Lightfoot

1. Credit and Connections: Jewish Women between Communities in Vic, 1250–1350,
Sarah Ifft Decker

2. Challenges Facing Mallorcan Conversas after 1391,
Natalie Oeltjen

3. Death and Gender in Late Sixteenth-Century Toledo,
Grace E. Coolidge

4. Women, Injurious Words, and Clerical Violence in Fourteenth-Century Catalunya,
Michelle Armstrong-Partida

5. Women, Violence, and Community in Late Medieval Valencia,
Mark Meyerson

6. Mixed Marriages and Community Identity in Fifteenth-Century Girona,
Alexandra Guerson and Dana Wessell Lightfoot,

7. In Defense of Community: Morisca Women in Sixteenth-Century Valladolid,
Stephanie M. Cavanaugh

8. Looking for a Way to Survive: Community and Institutional Assistance to Widows in Medieval Barcelona,
Mireia Comas-Via

9. Founders, Sisters, and Neighbors in the Thirteenth Century: Women and Community at Santa Maria de Celas, Coimbra,
Miriam Shadis

10. Scandal and the Social Networks of Religious Women,
Michelle M. Herder

11. Minerva of Her Time: Luisa Sigea and Humanist Networking,
Rachel F. Stapleton

12. So That They Will Remember Me: Seroras and Their Testaments in the Early Modern Basque Country,
Amanda L. Scott

Conclusion: Iberian Women and Communities across Time,
Allyson M. Poska

Lehfeldt, Monks & Nuns in Early Modern Italy & Spain

Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt, “Early Modern Italy and Spain” in The Oxford Handbook of Christian Monasticism, ed. Bernice M. Kazcynski (OUP, 2020).

Abreu-Ferreira Wins the Oliveira Marques Prize

Congratulaitons to Darlene Abreu-Ferreira for winning ASPHS’s 2019 A.H. de Oliveira-Marques Prize for “Women and the Acquisition, Transmission, and Execution of Public Offices in Early Modern Portugal,” Gender and History 31/2 (2019): 383-402.

Book Chapters on Witchcraft

The Science of Demons: Early Modern Authors Facing Witchcraft and the Devil, Jan Machielsen, ed. (Routledge, 2020).

1. The Inquisitor’s Demons: Nicolau Eymeric’s Directorium Inquisitorum
Pau Castell Granados

11. Demonology as Textual Scholarship: Martin Delrio’s Disquisitiones magicae
Jan Machielsen

13. A Spanish Demonologist During the French Wars of Religion: Juan de Maldonado’s Traicté des anges et demons
Fabián Alejandro Campagne

19. An Expert Lawyer and Reluctant Demonologist: Alonso de Salazar Frías, Spanish Inquisitor
Lu Ann Homza

New Book: Scott, “The Basque Seroras”

Amanda L. Scott, The Basque Seroras: Local Religion, Gender, and Power in Northern Iberia, 1550-1800 (Cornell, 2020).

New Book: Erbig, “Where Caciques & Mapmakers Met”

Jeffrey Alan Erbig, Jr., Where Caciques and Mapmakers Met: Border Making in Eighteenth-Century South America (UNC, 2020).