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Prestapágina: Sharing PDFs During the Epidemic

Rebecca Quinn Teresi has created Prestapágina, a Facebook group for early modern Hispanists to share PDFs of book chapters and articles that we might find necessary now that academic libraries have shut down. She invites all to join – thanks Rebecca for creating this resource!

New Resource: Iberian Books Project Now Online

University College Dublin’s Iberian Books Project is now up to 1700 and is online.

New Resource: Early Modern Inquisition Database

I recently learned about the Early Modern Inquisition Database from François Soyer’s twitter feed.


New Resource: H-Spain

H-Net has a new channel: H-Spain.

Most of you know this already thanks to Katie Harris, via Espora, but I’m including a link to it here on the blog and I need to announce it and thank Katie for sending us all this information.

Noticias del Boletín de la Fundación Española de Historia Moderna

Another new resource for this blog: the Noticias del Boletín de la Fundación Española de Historia Moderna. This is a great place for learning about current events in history in Spain, hosted by the Fundación Española de Historia Moderna and updated daily.

Thanks to Francisco Fernández Izquierdo for alerting me to this!



Iberian Book Project

Another resource that I’ll be listing on the sidebar on the right here: the Iberian Book Project: hosted by University College Dublin, it seeks to provide a foundational survey of books published on the Iberian Peninsula or printed elsewhere in Spanish or Portuguese before the middle of the seventeenth century.


New Resource: PARES

Okay, so it’s just new to me, and most of you probably already knew about it. Still, here it is, and I will create a permanent link to it under “resources” here at Early Modern Spanish History Notes.

PARES: Portal de Archivos Españoles.

Thanks to Ed Behrend-Martinez for the tip.

Hanlon’s Early Modern Italian Bibiography Now Online

Last week I received an email from Gregory Hanlon that he is putting the tenth edition of his “Early Modern Italy 1550-1800: A Comprehensive Bibliography of Titles in English and French” online on the Dalhousie University website, freely available to all. (I don’t know Hanlon; it seems that I received this email as part of a large group perhaps the RSA?)

Anyway, enjoy! I’m setting up a permanent link from EMSHN to Hanlon’s site.

New Blog from Spain: Tolerancias

Doris Moreno sent me news of a new blog that she and six collaborators have founded: “Tolerancias,” or “Seminario de historia de las tolerancias en el mundo hispánico.”

Her co-founders are Ricardo García Cárcel, José Luis Betrán Moya, Ángela Atienza López, Eliseo Serrano Martín, José Pardo Tomás, and Manuel Peña Díaz.

Fondos Digitalizados at the Universidad de Sevilla

I’m not sure how new this is, but it’s new to me: the Universidad de Seville is hosting a site for searchable, rare books: Fondos Digitalizados, with the Fondos Antiguos of special interest – “Currently all the ancient books in the library, the Sevillian prints of 16th century and a selection of works from 16th to 18th centuries are scanned and available.” I’m adding the site to the list of “Resources” on the blog.