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New Book: Terrazas Williams, “The Capital of Free Women”

Danielle Terrazas Williams, The Capital of Free Women: Race, Legitimacy, and Liberty in Colonial Mexico (Yale, 2022).

New Book: “Society Women & Enlightened Charity”

Society Women and Enlightened Charity in Spain: The Junta de Damas de Honor y Mérito, 1787–1823, Catherine M. Jaffe & Elisa Martín-Valdepeñas Yagüe, eds (LSU Press, 2022).

1 Introduction: The Junta de Damas, Charity, and Feminism Catherine M. Jaffe and Elisa Martín-​Valdepeñas Yagüe

I. Feminine Philanthropy in Spain 19

Women in Patriotic Societies: A Spanish Debate in a European Context, Mónica Bolufer Peruga 37

The Decisive Intervention of Josefa Amar y Borbón: Defending Women’s Talent and Education during the Enlightenment, María Victoria López-​Cordón Cortezo 62

Women’s Associationism and the Pursuit of Public Happiness, 1787–​1823, Elisa Martín-​Valdepeñas Yagüe 83

Women and Charity between the Spaces of Enlightened Reformism and the Moderado Liberal State, Madrid, 1833–​1868, Mónica Burguera López

II. Forgotten Foremothers of a Collective History 105

María Josefa Alfonso Pimentel, Countess-​Duchess of Benavente, 1750–​1834: An Aristocrat at the Service of the Enlightenment, Paloma Fernández Quintanilla 120

María Francisca de Sales Portocarrero, Countess of Montijo, 1754–​1808: An Atypical Biography in the Age of Enlightenment, Gloria Franco Rubio 135

María Lorenza de los Ríos, Marquise of Fuerte-​Híjar, 1761–​1821: Reformism and Culture, Catherine M. Jaffe 151

María Tomasa Palafox, Marquise of Villafranca, 1780–​1835: A Life in Times of Crisis, Gloria Espigado Tocino 167

Veiled Biographies: The Other Women of the Junta de Damas, Elisa Martín-​Valdepeñas Yagüe

III. The Junta de Damas’Contributions to Enlightenment Projects 185

Helping by Teaching: The Junta’s Role in Women’s Education, Josefina Méndez Vázquez 202

Practicing Social Activism: The Spaces of Women’s Charity, Elizabeth Franklin Lewis 220

Networks of Enlightenment: Women Writers and the Republic of Letters, Catherine M. Jaffe 237

Representing the Feminine Ideal: Portraits of the Members of the Junta de Damas, Álvaro Molina 255

Epilogue: The Junta de Damas, the Enlightenment, and Feminism, Catherine M. Jaffe and Elisa Martín-​Valdepeñas Yagüe

New Book: Hamann, “The Invention of the Colonial Americas”

Bryon Ellsworth Hamann, The Invention of the Colonial Americas: Data, Architecture and the Archive of the Indies, 1781-1844 (Getty Publications, 2022).

New Book: Graubart, “Republics of Difference”

Karen B. Graubart, Republics of Difference: Racial and Religious Self-Governance in the Iberian Atlantic, 1400-1650 (OUP, 2022).

New Edited Collection: “Trajectories of Empire”

Trajectories of Empire: Transhispanic Reflections on the African Diaspora, Jerome C. Branche, ed. (Vanderbilt, 2022).

Introduction | Jerome C. Branche

Part I: The Iberian Scenario

Chapter 1: Tracing the “Fragmentary Facts” of a Foundational Slave Voyage | Elizabeth R. Wright

Chapter 2: Christianos nigros: Afro-Iberian Confraternities’ Social and Cultural Roles | Miguel A. Valerio

Chapter 3: In Search of the Black Swordsman: Race and Martial Arts Discourse in Early Modern Iberia | Manuel Olmedo Gobante

Chapter 4: On Enslaving and Impalement: The “Life” and Death of Chicaba, Black Woman Saint in Empire | Jerome C. Branche

Part II: Continuing Expansionism and the Circum-Atlantic

Chapter 5: Facing the Enslaved: Explorations for a Transatlantic Archive | Agnes Lugo-Ortiz

Chapter 6: A Postcard from Wakanda to the King of Spain: The Portrait of the Mulatos de Esmeraldas (1599) | Baltasar Fra-Molinero

Chapter 7: A Transhistorical and Translocal View of the Luso-Brazilian Imperial/Colonial World through the Poetry of Gregório de Matos (1636–1695) to Domingos Caldas Barbosa (1740–1800) | Lúcia Helena Costigan

Chapter 8: Silences and the Corporeal: The Enslaved Body in (Historical) Pain | Cassia Roth

Part III: Afro-Latin America: Black Marginality in the New Century

Chapter 9: Racial Dynamics and Tensions in Twenty-First Century Post-Revolutionary Cuba | Alberto Abreu

Chapter 10: Senzalas e Quilombos Modernos: Evoking the Legacy of Slavery in Brazilian Hip Hop | Eliseo Jacob

Chapter 11: Honoring the Bones beneath Us: Conjuring Black Heritage in the Performances of “Intervenções Urbanas” in the Gamboa Neighborhood, Rio de Janeiro | Maria Andrea dos Santos Soares

New Book: Nafafé, “Lourenço da Silva Mendonça and the Black Atlantic Abolitionist Movement”

José Lingna Nafafé, Lourenço da Silva Mendonça and the Black Atlantic Abolitionist Movement in the Seventeenth Century (Cambridge, 2022).

New Book: Robbins, “Incomparable Realms” July 2022

Jeremy Robbins, Incomparable Realms: Spain during the Golden Age, 1500-1700 (Chicago, 2022).

New Book: Villaseñor Black, “Transforming Saints”

Charlene Villaseñor Black, Transforming Saints: From Spain to New Spain (Vanderbilt, 2022).

New Book: Jiménez-Montes, “A Dissimulated Trade”

Germán Jiménez-Montes, A Dissimulated Trade: Northern European Timber Merchants in Seville (1574-1598) (Brill, 2022).

New Book: Le Jumel de Barneville, “Travels into Spain”

Marie-Catherine Le Jumel de Barneville, baronne d’Aulnoy, Travels into Spain, ed. and trans. Gabrielle Verdier (Iter, 2022).