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New Book: Devereux, “The Other Side of Empire”

Andrew W. Devereux, The Other Side of Empire: Just War in the Mediterranean and the Rise of Early Modern Spain (Cornell, 2020).

New Book: “Women & Community in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia”

Women and Community in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia, Michelle Armstrong-Partida, Alexandra Guerson, and Dana Wessell Lightfoot, eds (Nebraska, 2020).

Introduction: Contextualizing Women, Agency, and Communities in Premodern Iberia, Michelle Armstrong-Partida, Alexandra Guerson, and Dana Wessell Lightfoot

1. Credit and Connections: Jewish Women between Communities in Vic, 1250–1350,
Sarah Ifft Decker

2. Challenges Facing Mallorcan Conversas after 1391,
Natalie Oeltjen

3. Death and Gender in Late Sixteenth-Century Toledo,
Grace E. Coolidge

4. Women, Injurious Words, and Clerical Violence in Fourteenth-Century Catalunya,
Michelle Armstrong-Partida

5. Women, Violence, and Community in Late Medieval Valencia,
Mark Meyerson

6. Mixed Marriages and Community Identity in Fifteenth-Century Girona,
Alexandra Guerson and Dana Wessell Lightfoot,

7. In Defense of Community: Morisca Women in Sixteenth-Century Valladolid,
Stephanie M. Cavanaugh

8. Looking for a Way to Survive: Community and Institutional Assistance to Widows in Medieval Barcelona,
Mireia Comas-Via

9. Founders, Sisters, and Neighbors in the Thirteenth Century: Women and Community at Santa Maria de Celas, Coimbra,
Miriam Shadis

10. Scandal and the Social Networks of Religious Women,
Michelle M. Herder

11. Minerva of Her Time: Luisa Sigea and Humanist Networking,
Rachel F. Stapleton

12. So That They Will Remember Me: Seroras and Their Testaments in the Early Modern Basque Country,
Amanda L. Scott

Conclusion: Iberian Women and Communities across Time,
Allyson M. Poska

New Book: Scott, “The Basque Seroras”

Amanda L. Scott, The Basque Seroras: Local Religion, Gender, and Power in Northern Iberia, 1550-1800 (Cornell, 2020).

New Book: Erbig, “Where Caciques & Mapmakers Met”

Jeffrey Alan Erbig, Jr., Where Caciques and Mapmakers Met: Border Making in Eighteenth-Century South America (UNC, 2020).

New Book: Wasserman-Soler, “Truth in Many Tongues”

Daniel I Wasserman-Soler, Truth in Many Tongues: Religious Conversion and the Languages of the Early Spanish Empire (Penn St, 2020).

New Book: Beresford, “Sacred Skin”

Andrew M Beresford, Sacred Skin: The Legend of St. Bartholomew in Spanish Art and Literature (Brill, 2020).

New Book: Domínguez, “Radicals in Exile”

Freddy Cristóbel Domínguez, Radicals in Exile: English Catholic Books During the Reign of Philip II (Penn State, 2020).

New Book: Green-Mercado, “Visions of Deliverance”

Mayte Green-Mercado, Visions of Deliverance: Moriscos and the Politics of Prophecy in the Early Modern Mediterranean (Cornell, 2020).

New Book: Gharala, “Taxing Blackness”

Norah L.A. Gharala, Taxing Blackness: Free Afromexican Tribute in Bourbon New Spain (University of Alabama Press, 2019).

Exhibition & Book: Berruguete

“Alonso Berruguete: First Sculptor of Renaissance Spain.”

National Gallery of Art, Washington, October 13, 2019-February 17, 2020.

Meadows Museum, SMU, Dallas, March 29-July 26, 2020.

Alonso Berruguete: First Sculptor of Renaissance Spain, C.D. Dickerson III and Mark McDonald, eds, with Manual Arias Martínez, Daphne Barbour, Jonathan Brown, Richard L. Kagan, Wendy Sepponen, and Julia W. Vázquez (Yale, 2019).