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New Book: Sherer, “Warriors for a Living:

Idan Sherer, Warriors for a Living: The Experience of the Spanish Infantry during the Italian Wars, 1494-1559 (Brill, 2017).


New Book: Van Kley, “Reform Catholicism & the Suppression of the Jesuits”

Dale K. Van Kley, Reform Catholicism and the International Suppression of the Jesuits in Enlightenment Europe (Yale, 2018).

New Book: Gómez, “The Experiential Caribbean”

Pablo F. Gómez, The Experiential Caribbean: Creating Knowledge and Healing in the Early Modern Atlantic (UNC Press, 2017).

New Book: Hamnett, “The End of Iberian Rule on the American Continent”

Brian R. Hamnett, The End of Iberian Rule on the American Continent, 1770-1830 (Cambridge, 2017).

New Book: Reinhardt, “Voices of Conscience”

Nicole Reinhardt, Voices of Conscience: Royal Confessors and Political Counsel in Seventeenth-Century Spain and France (Oxford, 2016).

New Book: Alvar Esquerra, Felipe IV El Grande

Alfredo Alvar Esquerra, Felipe IV El Grande (Madrid, 2018).

New Book: Ballone, “The 1624 Tumult of Mexico”

Angela Ballone, The 1624 Tumult of Mexico in Perspective (c. 1620-1650): Authority and Conflict Resolution in the Iberian Atlantic (Brill, 2018).

Met Exhibition: “Painted in Mexico, 1700-1790” through July 22, 2018 (+Catalogue)

“Painted in Mexico, 1700-1790:Pinxit Mexici” will be at the Metropolitan Museum of Art from April 24 to July 22, 2018. It had been at LACMA during the winter of 2017-18.

The catalogue was written by Ilona Katzew, with contributions from Luisa Elena Alcalá, Jaime Cuadriello, Paula Mues Orts, and Ronda Kasl.

New Book: Vargas, “Constructing Catalan Identity”

Michael Vargas, Constructing Catalan Identity: Memory, Imagination, and the Medieval (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018).

New Book: Catlos, “Kingdoms of Faith”

Brian A. Catlos, Kingdoms of  Faith: A New History of Islamic Spain (Basic Books, 2018).