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Phillips & Phillips, Concise History of Spain, 2nd Ed.

William D. Phillips, Jr., and Carla Rahn Phillips, A Concise History of Spain, 2nd ed. (Cambridge, 2015).

New Book: Martínez de Bujanda, El índice de libros prohibidos y expurgados

Jesús Martínez de Bujanda, El índice de libros prohibidos y expurgados de la Inquisición española (1551-1819) (Biblioteca de autores cristianos, 2016).

New Book: O’Connor, Irish Voices from the Spanish Inquisition

Thomas O’Connor, Irish Voices from the Spanish Inquisition: Migrants, Converts, and Brokers in Early Modern Iberia (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016).

New Book: González Enciso: War, Power and the Economy

A. González Enciso, War, Power and the Economy Mercantilism and state formation in 18th-century Europe (Routledge, 2017).

New Book: Roure, “The 16th Century Spanish Plan to Make Australia the New Holy Land”

George M Roure, The Sixteenth Century Spanish Plan to Make Australia the New Holy Land: Pedro Fernández de Quirós and his Utopian ideas about Terra Australis Incognita (Edwin Mellen Press, 2017).

New Book: Crailsheim, The Spanish Connection: French & Flemish Merchant Networks in Seville, 1570-1650

Eberhard Crailsheim, The Spanish Connection, French and Flemish Merchant Networks in Seville, 1570-1650 (Böhlau, 2016).

New Book: After Conversion

After Conversion: Iberia and the Emergence of Modernity, ed. Mercedes García-Arenal (Brill, 2016).

Mercedes García-Arenal

Part I: Biblical Culture, Jewish Antiquities and New Forms of Sacred History

1. Nebuchadnezzar’s Jewish Legions: Sephardic Legends’ Journey from Biblical Polemic to Humanist History
Adam G. Beaver

2. Biblical Translations and Literalness in Early Modern Spain
Fernando Rodríguez Mediano

3. Language as Archive: Etymologies and the Remote History of Spain
Valeria López Fadul

4. The Search for Evidence: The Relics of Martyred Saints and Their Worship in Cordoba after the Council of Trent
Cécile Vincent-Cassy

Part II: Iberian Polemics, Readings of the Qurʾān and the Rise of European Orientalism

5. Textual Agnogenesis and the Polysemy of the Reader: Early Modern European Readings of Qur’ānic Embryology
Pier Mattia Tommasino

6. A Witness of Their Own Nation: On the Influence of Juan Andrés
Ryan Szpiech

7. Authority, Philology and Conversion under the Aegis of Martín García
Teresa Soto González and Katarzyna K. Starczewska

8. Polemical Transfers: Iberian Muslim Polemics and their Impact in Northern Europe in the Seventeenth Century
Gerard A. Wiegers

Part III: Conversion and Perplexity

9. Assembling Alumbradismo: The Evolution of a Heretical Construct
Jessica J. Fowler

10. Doubt in Fifteenth-Century Iberia
Stefania Pastore

11. Mi padre moro, yo moro: The Inheritance of Belief in Early Modern Iberia
Mercedes García-Arenal

12. Tropes of Expertise and Converso Unbelief: Huarte de San Juan’s History of Medicine
Seth Kimmel

13. True Painting and the Challenge of Hypocrisy
Felipe Pereda

New Book: Cook, Forbidden Passages

Karoline P. Cook, Forbidden Passages: Muslims and Moriscos in Colonial Latin America (Penn, 2016).

New Book: Juana de la Cruz, Visionary Sermons

Mother Juana de la Cruz, 1481-1534: Visionary Sermons, ed. & trans. Jessica A Boon and Ronald E Surtz (Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2016).

New Book: Ball, “Treating the Public: Charitable Theater and Civic Health”

Rachael Ball, Treating the Public: Charitable Theater and Civic Health in the Early Modern Atlantic World (LSU Press, 2017).