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New Book: “El Greco”

El Greco: Ambition and Defiance, Rebecca J Long, ed., with Keith Christiansen, Richard L. Kagan, Guillaume Kientz, Rebecca J. Long, Felipe Pereda, Jose Riello, and Leticia Ruiz Gomez, and contributions by Jena K. Carvana (Yale, 2020).

New Book: López García, “La esclavitud a finales del Antiguo Régimen”

José Miguel López García, La esclavitud a finales del Antiguo Régimen. Madrid 1701-1837. De moros de presa a negros de nación (Alianza Editorial, 2020).

New Book: Thompson, “Juan Delgado & His Successors”

I.A.A. Thompson, A Buddenbrooks Effect in 17th-Century Spain. The Secretary Juan Delgado and His Successors, An Inter-Generational Biography, c. 1515-1658 (Universidad de Valladolis, 2019).

Changes in Posting

Hi – I’m going to stop posting conference papers and reviews from now on – no time. I’ve thought about quitting the blog altogether but I do want to keep track of books and articles published in the field for my own purposes so I might as well post them. But conference papers and reviews take up more than half the time of posting, and unlike 11 years ago everything is online now, so, no more. Thanks!

Reviews in the JMH, March 2019

The Journal of Modern History 91/1 (2019):

Alexandra Irigoin reviews Rafael Torres Sánchez, Military Entrepreneurs and the Spanish Contractor State in the Eighteenth Century (Oxford, 2016).

Allan J Kuethe reviews Mónica Ricketts, Who Should Rule? Men of Arms, the Republic of Letters, and the Fall of the Spanish Empire (Oxford, 2017).

Sara T. Nalle reviews Marta V. Vicente, Debating Sex and Gender in Eighteenth-Century Spain (Cambridge, 2017).

New Book: Paquette, “European Seaborne Empires”

Gabriel Paquette, The European Seaborne Empires from the Thirty Years’ War to the Age of Revolutions (Yale, 2019).

New Book: La Parra, “Fernando VII”

Emilio la Parra, Fernando VII: Un rey deseado y detestado (Tusquets, 2018).

Iberian Panels at the AHA, Jan 2019

Okay this is two months too late, but just to have it on the record I want to include the panels that focus on early modern Iberian concerns (as always, I am excluding panels from the Conference on Latin American History because you can find their program here) (and excluding single papers on panels because that would be too much work tbh).

Imperial Entanglements in the Atlantic and Mediterranean during the 17th Century: Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish Perspectives
Chair: Wim Klooster, Clark University
Practices and Representations of Material Exchanges across the Mediterranean: Conflict and Loyalty, Cooperation and Communication
Chair: Francesca Trivellato, Institute for Advanced Study
Francesca Trivellato, Institute for Advanced Study
Loyalty, Rights, Slavery, and Power in Europe’s New World Empires, 16th-18th Centuries
Chair: Brett Rushforth, University of Oregon
Renegades, Turncoats, and Converts in the Pre- and Early Modern Mediterranean
Chair: Sharon Kinoshita, University of California, Santa Cruz
Brian A. Catlos, University of Colorado Boulder

New Book: A Companion to the Spanish Renaissance

A Companion to the Spanish Renaissance, Hilaire Kallendorf, ed (Brill, 2018).

Part 1 Politics and Government

1 Laying the Foundations for a Spanish Renaissance: Late Medieval Politics and Government   Harald E. Braun

2 Politics and Government in the Spanish Empire during the 16th Century   Fabien Montcher

Part 2 Empire and Ethnicity

3 The Spanish Colonial Empire in the Renaissance: Establishing the First Global Culture   Beatriz de Alba-Koch

4 Ethnic Groups in Renaissance Spain   Mayte Green-Mercado

Part 3 Culture and Society

5 Daily Life and the Family in Renaissance Spain   Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt

6 Birth and Death in the Spanish Renaissance   Stephanie L. Fink

7 Religion   Henry Kamen

8 Fashioning Disease: Narrative and the Sick Body in the Spanish Inquisition   Cristian Berco

Part 4 ‘High’ and ‘Low’

9 Nobles and Court Culture   Ignacio Navarrete and Elizabeth Ashcroft Terry-Roisin

10 Popular Culture, Spanish Law Courts, and the Early Modern State   Edward Behrend-Martínez

11 Civic Ritual, Urban Life   Enrique García Santo-Tomás

12 Community and the Common Good in Early Modern Castile   Ruth MacKay

Part 5 Humanists and Their Legacy

13 Intellectual Life   Lía Schwartz and Susan Byrne

14 Ladies, Libraries and Literacy in Early Modern Spain   Elizabeth Teresa Howe

15 Philosophy, Law and Mysticism in Renaissance Spain   Bernie Cantens

Part 6 Artistic Production

16 The Literature of the Spanish Renaissance   J.A. Garrido Ardila

17 Painting and Sculpture   Jeffrey Schrader

18 Visual Culture: Art and Ekphrasis in Early Modern Spain   Frederick A. de Armas

Part 7 Currents and Currency

19 Spanish Science in the Age of the New   William Eamon

20 Doing Things with Money in Early Modern Spain   Elvira Vilches

21 Historiographyand European Perceptions of Spain   Michael J. Levin

New Book: Catlos, Kinoshita, “Can We Talk Mediterranean?”

Can We Talk Mediterranean? Conversations on an Emerging Field in Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Brian Catlos and Sharon Kinoshita, eds (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017).