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New Podcast: Edward Collins, “Kingdom, Empire, and Plus Ultra: Conversations on the History of Portugal & Spain” – Most Recently: Stephanie Cavanaugh

Stephanie M Cavanaugh, “Moriscos, Enslaved Children, and Litigating for Liberty in Sixteenth-Century Spain” is the most recent episode of Kingdom, Empire, and Plus Ultra: Conversations on the History of Portugal and Spain, hosted by Edward Collins on HistoryHub.

Okay it’s not that new of a podcast – two years running now – but it’s new to me!

Two Items on Jonathan Brown

First, this article and video in El Cultural, on Jonathan Brown winning the Premio Bernardo de Gálvez.

Second, Brown will lead the Cátedra del Museo del Prado in 2012.

Two Items on Geoffrey Parker

Geoffrey Parker will be speaking at Rutgers University on Dec 5, on “The Crisis of the 1590’s Reconsidred: Philip II, His Enemies, and Climate Change.” This public lecture is part of the series, Rutgers Distinguished Lectures in European History (events_poster_distinguished lectures 2011 2012-3). Thanks to Adam G. Beaver for the tip.

Also, RTVE features an interview with Geoffrey Parker, first broadcast Sept. 29. Thanks to Sam Garcia for the tip.


NY Times: Velázquez’s Philip IV at the Met

Today’s New York Times features an interactive article on the restoartion of Velázquez’s Philip IV at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, with podcasts featuring museum officials Keith Christiansen and Michael Gallagher.

RNE Interviews Geoffrey Parker

Radio Nacional de España features a podcast of an interview with Geoffrey Parker about Philip II.

Thanks to Samuel Garcia for the tip.