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Article & Reviews in JEMH 21/5, 2017

Journal of Early Modern History 21/5 (2017):

Jorge Cañizares Esguerra, “On Ignored Global ‘Scientific Revolutions.'”

Gregory E. O’Malley reviews Adrian Finucane, The Temptations of Trade: Britain, Spain, and the Struggle for Empire.

Kris Alexanderson reviews Harry Kelsey, The First Circumnavigators: Unsung Heroes of the Age of Discovery.

Hilary Larkin reviews Representing Imperial Rivalry in the Early Modern Mediterranean, Barbara Fuchs & Emily Weissbourd, eds.

Yanay Israel reviews Nancy E. van Deusen, Global Indios: The Indigenous Struggle for Justice in Sixteenth-Century Spain.




Article & Reviews in the RQ, Winter ’16

Renaissance Quarterly 69/4 (2016):

Hugo Ribeiro da Silva, “Projecting Power: Cathedral Chapters and Public Rituals in Portugal, 1560-1650.”


Enrique González González reviews Gilbert Tournoy, ed. La correspondence de Guillaime Budé et Juan Luis Vives.

Carmen Ripollés reviews Ilenia Colón Mendoza, The Cristos yacentes of Gregorio Fernández: Polychrome Sculptures of the Supine Christ in Seventeenth-Century Spain.

Pablo González Tornel reviews Fernando Checa Cremades and Laura Fernández-González, eds, Festival Culture in the World of the Spanish Habsburgs.

Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra reviews John T. Wing, Roots of Empire: Forests and State Power in Spain, c. 1500-1750.

Linda Newson reviews Trevor P. Hall, ed. and trans., Before Middle Passage: Translated Portuguese Manuscripts of Atlantic Slave Trading from West Africa to Iberian Territories.

Bernadette Andrea reviews Representing Imperial Rivalry in the Early Modern Mediterranean, Barbara Fuchs and Emily Weissbourg, eds.

Burton, “Painting & Politics in El pintor de su deshonra,” BSS April 2017

Grace M Burton, “Painting and Politics in El pintor de su deshonra: Monarchy as a Work of Art,” Bulletin of Spanish Studies 94/5 (2017).

Article & Reviews in the Hispanic Review, Spring 2017

Hispanic Review 85/2 (2017):

Or Hasson, “Between Clinical Writing and Storytelling: Alfonso de Santa Cruz and the Peculiar Case of the Man Who Thought He was Made of Glass.”

Claire Gilbert reviews Seth Kimmel, Parables of Coercion: Conversion and Knowledge at the End of Islamic Spain (Chicago, 2015).

Hilaire Kallendorf reviews Elizabeth Teresa Howe, Autobiographical Writing by Early Modern Hispanic Women (Routledge, 2015).

2 Articles, Nauta & Westler, in JHI, July 2017

Journal of the History of Ideas 76/3 (2015).

Lodi Nauta, “The Order of Knowing: Juan Luis Vives on Language, Thought, and the Topics.”

Brandon Westler, “Between Tradition and Revolution: The Curious Case of Francisco Martínez Marina, the Cádiz Constitution, and Spanish Liberalism.”

Cassen, “Philip II & His Italian Jewish Spy” in JEMH 22/4 (2017)

Flora Classen, “Philip II and His Italian Jewish Spy,” The Journal of Early Modern History 22/4 (2017).

Leitão & Sánchez, “Zilsel’s Thesis, Maritime Culture, & Iberian Science” in JHI April 2017

Henrique Leitão and Antonio Sánchez, “Zilsel’s Thesis, Maritime Culture, & Iberian Science in Early Modern Europe,” Journal of the History of Ideas 78/2 (2017).

Martínez, “Dressed Like a Man?” in the JHS, May 2017

Juliana Martínez, “Dressed Like a Man? Of Language, Bodies, and Monsters in the Trial of Enrique/Enriqueta Favez and Its Contemporary Accounts,” Journal of the History of Sexuality 26/2 (2017).

Nieto Sánchez & Zofío Llorente, “Return of the Guilds” in JSH, Winter 2016

José Antolín Nieto Sánchez and Juan Carlos Zofío Llorente, “Return of the Guilds: A View from Early Modern Madrid,” Journal of Social History 50/2 (2016).

Articles in the BSS 94/3, 2017

Bulletin of Spanish Studies 94/3 (2017):

Óscar Sendón, “Marcas y convenciones genéricas en el Discurso de mi vida (1630) de Alonso de Contreras y otras vidas de soldados de la Primera Modernidad.”

Simon Lee, “Succour for the Faithful and Defeat for the Moor: Divine Intervention in José Luzón’s Paintings for the Chapel of Nuestra Señora de Zaragoza la Vieja, San Miguel de los Navarros, Zaragoza.”