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Gebhardt, “Microhistory & Microcosm,” JMEMS, January 2017

Jonathan Gebhardt, “Microhistory and Microcosm: Chinese Migrants, Spanish Empire, and Globalization in Early Modern Manila,” Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies 47/1 (2017).


Carvalhal & dos Guimarães Sá, “Knightly Masculinity” in Gender & History, July 2016

Hélder Carvalhal and Isabel dos Gusmarães Sá, “Knightly Masculinity, Court Games and Material Culture in Late-medieval Portugal: The Case of Constable Afonso (c.  1480-1504)” in Gender & History 28/2 (2016).

Burke, Clossey, & Fernández-Armesto, “The Global Renaissance” in JWH, March 2017

Journal of World History 28/1 (2017):

Peter Burke, Luke Clossey, & Felipe Fernández-Armesto, “The Global Renaissance.”

Herzog in an “AHR Conversation: Walls, Borders, & Boundaries” in the AHR, Dec 2017

American Historical Review 122/5 (2017):

AHR Conversation: Walls, Borders, & Boundaries in World History: Suzanne Conklin Akbari, Tamar Herzog, Daniel Jütte, Carl Nightingale, William Rankin, Karen Weitzberg.

Articles & Review in the JEMH 2017 #6

Journal of Early Modern History 22/6 (2017):

Martin Jacobs, “Sephardic Migration and Cultural Transfer: The Ottoman and Spanish Expansion through a Cinquecento Jewish Lens.”

José Pedro Paiva, “The Inquisition Tribunal in Goa: Why and for What Purpose?”

Matteo Binasco reviews Thomas O’Connor, Irish Voices from the Spanish Inquisition. Migrants, Converts and Brokers in Early Modern Iberia (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016).

ASPHS Newsletter, Fall 2017

ASPHS Newsletter, Vol 8 (Fall, 2017):

Jessica A. Boon, “The Study of Religion as Social History: Imagining the Passion in Post-Convivencia Castile, c. 1500.”

Timothy D. Walker, Report on “Tracking the Early Modern Drug Trade in the Portuguese Colonial World, circa 1450-1820.”

Teresa Canepa, Beth Gardiner, and Alejandro Mirabal, Report on Research and Book Project: “Ming Porcelain from the Portuguese Shipwreck Espadarte (1558).”

Bodian, “Geography of Conscience,” + Reviews in JMH, June 2017

The Journal of Modern History 89/2 (2017).

Miriam Bodian, “The Geography of Conscience: A Seventeenth-Century Atlantic Jew and the Inquisition.”

Marc R. Forster reviews Nicholas Terpstra, Religious Refugees in the Early Modern World: An Alternative History of the Reformation (Cambridge, 2015).

Sophus A. Reinert reviews Jesús Astigarraga, ed., The Spanish Enlightenment Revisited (Oxford, 2015).

Covy & Quave, “Economic Transformation of the Inca Heartland” in CSSH, April 2017

Comparative Studies in Society and History 59/2 (2017):

R. Alan Covey & Kylie E. Quave, “The Economic Transformation of the Inca Heartland (Cuzco, Peru), in the Late Sixteenth Century.”

Soyer, “The Inquisition & the Repression of Erotic & Pornographic Imagery,” in HJHA, Jan 2018

History: The Journal of the Historical Association (2018):

François Soyer, “The Inquisition and the Repression of Erotic and Pornographic Imagery in Early Nineteenth-Century Madrid.”

Article & Book Review (Both on the Peruvian Bark!) in JHMAS, Oct 2016

The Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences 71/4 (2016):

Wouter Klein & Toine Pieters, “The Hidden History of a Famous Drug: Tracing the Medical and Public Acculturation of Peruvian Bark in Early Modern Western Europe (C. 1650-1720).”

Linda A. Newson reviews Matthew James Crawford, The Andean Wonder Drug: Chinchona Bark and Imperial Science in the Spanish Atlantic, 1630-1800 (Pitt, 2016).