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Reviews in the RQ, Spring ’17

Renaissance Quarterly 70/1 (2017):

A. Katie Harris reviews Katrina Olds, Forging the Past: Invented Histories in Counter-Reformation Spain.

Susan Kellogg reviews Barbara E. Mundy, The Death of Aztec Tenochitlan, the Life of Mexico City.

Richard L. Kagan reviews The Global City: On the Streets of Renaissance Lisbon, Annemarie Jordan Gschwend and K.J.P. Lowe, eds.

Giorgio Caravale reviews Manuel Peña Díaz, Escribir y prohibir: Inquisición y censura en los Siglos de Oro.

Jaclyn Cohen-Steinberg reviews Laura S. Muñoz Pérez, Poder y escritura feminina en los tiempos del Conde-Duque Olivares (1621-1643): El desafío religioso de Teresa Valle.

María Cristina Quintero reviews Ana Zúñiga Lacruz, Mujer y poder en el teatro español del Siglo de Oro: La figura de la reina.

Matthew Ancell reviews Noellia S. Cimigliaro, Domus: Ficción y mundo doméstico en el Barroco español.

Krystal Farman reviews Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora, The Glories of Qurerétaro: Chronicle of an Early Mexican Church Honoring the Virgin of Guadalupe, ed. and trans. Stephanie Merrim.


Article & Reviews in JEMH 21/5, 2017

Journal of Early Modern History 21/5 (2017):

Jorge Cañizares Esguerra, “On Ignored Global ‘Scientific Revolutions.'”

Gregory E. O’Malley reviews Adrian Finucane, The Temptations of Trade: Britain, Spain, and the Struggle for Empire.

Kris Alexanderson reviews Harry Kelsey, The First Circumnavigators: Unsung Heroes of the Age of Discovery.

Hilary Larkin reviews Representing Imperial Rivalry in the Early Modern Mediterranean, Barbara Fuchs & Emily Weissbourd, eds.

Yanay Israel reviews Nancy E. van Deusen, Global Indios: The Indigenous Struggle for Justice in Sixteenth-Century Spain.



Article & Reviews in the RQ, Winter ’16

Renaissance Quarterly 69/4 (2016):

Hugo Ribeiro da Silva, “Projecting Power: Cathedral Chapters and Public Rituals in Portugal, 1560-1650.”


Enrique González González reviews Gilbert Tournoy, ed. La correspondence de Guillaime Budé et Juan Luis Vives.

Carmen Ripollés reviews Ilenia Colón Mendoza, The Cristos yacentes of Gregorio Fernández: Polychrome Sculptures of the Supine Christ in Seventeenth-Century Spain.

Pablo González Tornel reviews Fernando Checa Cremades and Laura Fernández-González, eds, Festival Culture in the World of the Spanish Habsburgs.

Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra reviews John T. Wing, Roots of Empire: Forests and State Power in Spain, c. 1500-1750.

Linda Newson reviews Trevor P. Hall, ed. and trans., Before Middle Passage: Translated Portuguese Manuscripts of Atlantic Slave Trading from West Africa to Iberian Territories.

Bernadette Andrea reviews Representing Imperial Rivalry in the Early Modern Mediterranean, Barbara Fuchs and Emily Weissbourg, eds.

Reviews in the Summer ’16 RQ

Renaissance Quarterly, 69/2 (2016):

Frederick A. de Armas reviews Susan Byrne, Ficino in Spain.

John Slater reviews Bjørn Oklholm Skaarup, Anatomy and Anatomists in Early Modern Spain.

A. Katie Harris reviews The Expulsion of the Moriscos from Spain: A Mediterranean Diaspora, Mercedes García-Arenal and Gerard Weigers, eds.

Ruth MacKay reviews Erik Lars Myrup, Power and Corruption in the Early Modern Portuguese World.

Article & Reviews in the Hispanic Review, Spring 2017

Hispanic Review 85/2 (2017):

Or Hasson, “Between Clinical Writing and Storytelling: Alfonso de Santa Cruz and the Peculiar Case of the Man Who Thought He was Made of Glass.”

Claire Gilbert reviews Seth Kimmel, Parables of Coercion: Conversion and Knowledge at the End of Islamic Spain (Chicago, 2015).

Hilaire Kallendorf reviews Elizabeth Teresa Howe, Autobiographical Writing by Early Modern Hispanic Women (Routledge, 2015).

Reviews in the June 2017 AHR

American Historical Review 122/3 (2017):

Mercedes Camino reviews Allyson M. Poska, Gendered Crossings: Women and Migration in the Spanish Empire (University of New Mexico Press, 2016).

David Sowell reviews Matthew James Crawford, The Andean Wonder Drug: Chinchona Bark and Imperial Science in the Spanish Atlantic, 1630-1800 (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2016).

Sarah C. Chambers reviews Marcela Echeverri, Indian and Slave Royalists in the Age of Revolution: Reform, Revolution, and Royalism in the Northern Andes, 1780-1825 (Cambridge, 2016).

Reviews in the April 2017 AHR

American Historical Review 122/2 (2017):

John Garrigus reviews David Wheat, Atlantic Africa and the Spanish Caribbean, 1570-1640 (UNC Press, 2016).

David Geggus reviews Graham T. Nessler, An Islandwide Struggle for Freedom: Revolution, Emancipation and Reenslavement in Hispaniola, 1789-1809 (UNC Press, 2016).

Alcira Dueñas reviews Jane E. Mangan, Transatlantic Obligations: Creating the Bonds of Family in Conquest-Era Peru and Spain (Oxford, 2016).

Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra reviews Adrian Finucane, The Temptations of Trade: Britain, Spain, and the Struggle for Empire (Penn, 2016).

Reviews in the Hispanic Review, Winter 2017

Hispanic Review 85/1 (2017):

Glen Carman reviews Amy Fuller, Between Two Worlds: The autos sacramentales of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (Cambridge: Modern Humanities Research Association, 2015).

Víctor Sierra Matute reviews Enrique Fernández, Anxieties of Interiority and Dissection in Early Modern Spain (Toronto, 2015).

Fenton Reviews Cristóbal de Villalpando at the Met (& the Catalogue), NYRB, Oct 12, 2017

James Fenton reviews “Cristóbal de Villalpando: Mexican Painter of the Baroque,” an exhibition at the Palacio de Cultura Citibanamex–Palacio de Iturbide, Mexico City, March 9–June 4, 2017; and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, July 25–October 15, 2017.

Catalog of the exhibition by Jonathan Brown, Ronda Kasl, Juana Gutiérrez Haces, Clara Bargellini, Pedro Ángeles, and Rogelio Ruiz Gomar (Mexico City: Fomento Cultural Banamex, 2017).
New York Review of Books, Oct 12, 2017

Eastman Reviews Stein & Stein in the AHR, Feb 2017

American Historical Review 122/1 (2017):

Scott Eastman reviews Barbara H. Stein and Stanley J. Stein, Crisis in an Atlantic Empire: Spain and New Spain, 1808-1810 (Johns Hopkins, 2014).