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New Book: Polemical Encounters, García-Arenal & Wiegers, eds

Polemical Encounters: Christians, Jews, and Muslims in Iberia and Beyond, Mercedes García-Arenal, and Gerard Wiegers, eds (Penn State, 2018).

Part I The Medieval Iberian World

1. “‘When I Argue with Them in Hebrew and Aramaic’: Tathlīth al-waḥdānīyah, Ramon Martí, and Proofs of Jesus’s Messiahship,” Thomas E. Burman

2. “Qurʾānic Quotations in Latin: Translation, Tradition, and Fiction in Polemical Literature,” Antoni Biosca i Bas and Óscar de la Cruz

3. “The Mudejar Polemic Ta’yīd al-Milla and Conversion between Islam and Judaism in the Christian Territories of the Iberian Peninsula,” Mònica Colominas Aparicio

4. “‘Sermo ad conversos, christianos et sarracenos’: Polemical and Rhetorical Strategies in the Sermons of Vincent Ferrer to Mixed Audiences of Christians and Muslims,” Linda G. Jones

Part II Around the Forced Conversions

5. “Jewish Anti-Christian Polemics in Light of Mass Conversion to Christianity,” Daniel J. Lasker

6. “Theology of the Laws and Anti-Judaizing Polemics in Hernando de Talavera’s Católica impugnación,” Davide Scotto

7. “The Double Polemic of Martín de Figuerola’s Lumbre de fe contra el Alcorán,” Mercedes García-Arenal

8. “Art of Conversion? The Visual Policies of the Jesuits, Dominicans, and Mercedarians in Valencia,” Borja Franco Llopis

9. “Marcos Dobelio’s Polemics against the Authenticity of the Granadan Lead Books in Light of the Original Arabic Sources,” Pieter Sjoerd van Koningsveld and Gerard Wiegers

Part III Mediterranean and European Transfers

10. “Prisons and Polemics: Captivity, Confinement, and Medieval Interreligious Encounter,” Ryan Szpiech

11. “The Libre de bons amonestaments by ‘Abd Allāh al-Tarjumān: A Guidebook for Old and New Christians,” John Dagenais

12. “Poetics and Polemics: Ibrahim Taybili’s Anti-Christian Polemical Treatise in Verse,” Teresa Soto

13. “Torah Alone: Protestantism as Model and Target of Sephardi Religious Polemics in the Early Modern Netherlands,” Carsten Wilke


New Book: A Companion to the Spanish Renaissance

A Companion to the Spanish Renaissance, Hilaire Kallendorf, ed (Brill, 2018).

Part 1 Politics and Government

1 Laying the Foundations for a Spanish Renaissance: Late Medieval Politics and Government   Harald E. Braun

2 Politics and Government in the Spanish Empire during the 16th Century   Fabien Montcher

Part 2 Empire and Ethnicity

3 The Spanish Colonial Empire in the Renaissance: Establishing the First Global Culture   Beatriz de Alba-Koch

4 Ethnic Groups in Renaissance Spain   Mayte Green-Mercado

Part 3 Culture and Society

5 Daily Life and the Family in Renaissance Spain   Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt

6 Birth and Death in the Spanish Renaissance   Stephanie L. Fink

7 Religion   Henry Kamen

8 Fashioning Disease: Narrative and the Sick Body in the Spanish Inquisition   Cristian Berco

Part 4 ‘High’ and ‘Low’

9 Nobles and Court Culture   Ignacio Navarrete and Elizabeth Ashcroft Terry-Roisin

10 Popular Culture, Spanish Law Courts, and the Early Modern State   Edward Behrend-Martínez

11 Civic Ritual, Urban Life   Enrique García Santo-Tomás

12 Community and the Common Good in Early Modern Castile   Ruth MacKay

Part 5 Humanists and Their Legacy

13 Intellectual Life   Lía Schwartz and Susan Byrne

14 Ladies, Libraries and Literacy in Early Modern Spain   Elizabeth Teresa Howe

15 Philosophy, Law and Mysticism in Renaissance Spain   Bernie Cantens

Part 6 Artistic Production

16 The Literature of the Spanish Renaissance   J.A. Garrido Ardila

17 Painting and Sculpture   Jeffrey Schrader

18 Visual Culture: Art and Ekphrasis in Early Modern Spain   Frederick A. de Armas

Part 7 Currents and Currency

19 Spanish Science in the Age of the New   William Eamon

20 Doing Things with Money in Early Modern Spain   Elvira Vilches

21 Historiographyand European Perceptions of Spain   Michael J. Levin

New Book: “Italian Merchants in the Early-Modern Spanish Monarchy”

Italian Merchants in the Early-Modern Spanish Monarchy, Catia Brilli & Manuel Herrero Sánchez, eds (Routledge, 2017).

1. The business relations, identities and political resources of Italian merchants in the early-modern Spanish monarchy: some introductory remarks Manuel Herrero Sánchez

2. Tuscan merchants in Andalusia: a historiographical debate Angela Orlandi

3. A Genoese merchant and banker in the Kingdom of Naples: Ottavio Serra and his business network in the Spanish polycentric system, c.1590–1620 Yasmina Rocío Ben Yessef Garfia

4. Looking through the mirrors: materiality and intimacy at Domenico Grillo’s mansion in Baroque Madrid Felipe Gaitán Ammann

5. Small but powerful: networking strategies and the trade business of Habsburg-Italian merchants in Cadiz in the second half of the eighteenth century Klemens Kaps

6. Coping with Iberian monopolies: Genoese trade networks and formal institutions in Spain and Portugal during the second half of the eighteenth century Catia Brilli

Harris & Ramos in “Layered Landscapes”

Layered Landscapes: Early Modern Religious Space Across Faiths and Cultures, Eric Nelson and Jonathan Wright, eds (Routledge, 2017).

A. Katie Harris, “Sacred Landscape in Early Modern Granada: Muslim Past and Christian Presence.”

Gabriela Ramos, “Ritual Public Space and Indigenous Engagement in Colonial Cuzco

Book Chapters: Graizbord & Lehfeldt in “Conversions”

Simon Ditchfield and Helen Smith, eds. Conversions: Gender and Religious Change in Early Modern Europe (Manchester University Press, 2017.

David Graizbord, “The quiet conversion of a ‘Jewish’ woman in eighteenthcentury

Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt, “Uneven conversions: how did laywomen become nuns in the
early modern world?”

New Book: Knox & Tiffany, “Velázquez Re-Examined”

Velázquez Re-Examined: Theory, History, Poetry, and Theatre, Giles Knox and Tanya Tiffany, eds (Brepols, 2017).

Introduction  — Giles Knox and Tanya J. Tiffany

The Poet in Painting: Góngora’s Portraits and the Politics of the Paragone  — Laura R. Bass

Eggs, Water, Metal:  Velázquez, the Paragone, and the Products of Pratica — Giles Knox

Joseph’s Bloodied Coat Presented to Jacob. From Portrait to History: History at the Margins of the Human — Fernando Marías

Velázquez and the Philosophers in the Torre de la Parada — Aneta Georgievska-Shine

Heresy, Judaism, and Paganism in the Hall of Realms — Javier Portús

Chapters in “Cultures of Communication: Theologies of Media in Early Modern Europe & Beyond”

Cultures of Communication: Theologies of Media in Early Modern Europe and Beyond, Helmut Puff, Ulrike Strasser, and Christopher Wild, eds (Toronto, 2017).

Andrew Redden, “Divine Messengers and Divine Messages: Angelic Media in Early Modern Hispanic America.”

Markus Friedrich, “On Reading Missionary Correspondence: Jesuit Theologians on the Spiritual Benefits of a New Genre.”

Renate Dürr, “Early Modern Translation Theories as Mission Theories: A Case Study of José de Costa: De procuranda indorum salute (1588).”

Susanna Burghartz, “Apocalyptic Times in a ‘World without End’: The Straits of Magellan around 1600.”

New Book: Baranda & Cruz, “Routledge Research Companion to Early Modern Spanish Women Writers”

Nieves Baranda and Anne J. Cruz, eds, The Routledge Research Companion to Early Modern Spanish Women Writers (Routledge, 2018).

Contents include:

Introduction, Nieves Baranda Leturio and Anne J. Cruz


Aristocracy and the Urban Elite, Grace E. Coolidge

Women’s Education in Early Modern Spain, Anne J. Cruz

The Foundations of the Querella de las mujeres, Emily C. Francomano


Autobiographies, Isabelle Poutrin

Chronicles, Biographies, Hagiographies, Mercedes Marcos Sánchez

Conventual Correspondence, María Leticia Sánchez Hernández and Nieves Baranda Leturio

Convent Theater María Carmen Alarcón Román

Body, Spirit, and Verse: Reading Early Modern Women’s Religious Poetry, Stacey L. Schlau


The Poetic Voice, María Dolores Martos Pérez

Literary Academies and Poetic Tournaments, Inmaculada Osuna Rodríguez

Novels and Narratives, Shifra Armon

Women Playwrights, Amy R. Williamsen


Public Poetry, María Carmen Marín Pina

Spain’s Women Humanists, Emilie L. Bergmann

Women and Power, Nieves Romero-Díaz


Didactic Treatises, Rosilie Hernández

The Familial Lyric, Gwyn Fox

Private Correspondence, Vanessa de Cruz Medina


Foundation Narratives, Darcy Donahue

Transatlantic Religious, Sarah E. Owens

Secular Women Writers in the New World (1543-1700), Rocío Quispe-Agnoli

Transnational Exchanges, Nieves Baranda Leturio

Book Chapters: The Roman Inquisition

The Roman Inquisition: Centre versus Peripheries, Katherine Aron-Beller & Christopher Black, eds (Brill, 2018).

Kimberly Lynn, 2. From Madrid to Rome

Gretchen Starr-Lebeau, 13. Gendered Investigations in Roman Inquisitorial Trials

Redden, Friedrich & Dürr, Chapters in “Cultures of Communication”

Cultures of Communication: Theologies of Media in Early Modern Europe and Beyond, Helmut Puff, Ulrike Strasser, & Christopher Wild, eds (Toronto, 2017).

Andrew Redden, “Divine Messengers and Divine Messages: Angelic Media in Early Modern Hispanic America.”

Markus Friedrich, “On Reading Missionary Correspondence: Jesuit Theologians on the Spiritual Benefits of a New Genre.”

Renate Dürr, “Early Modern Translation Theories as Mission Theories: A Case Study of José de Acosta, De procuranda indorum salute (1588)”