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New Book: Ambassadors in Golden-Age Madrid

Ambassadors in Golden-Age Madrid. The Court of Philip IV through Foreign Eyes, Jorge Fernández-Santos and José Luis Colomer, eds, with prologue by Sir John H. Elliott and epilogue by Miguel Ángel Ochoa Brun (CEEH, 2020).

John H. Elliott, Prologue: Nationalism and Transnationalism in the Court of Spain

Jorge Fernández-Santos, The Madrid of the Ambassadors under Philip IV

José Luis Colomer, The Persuasive Diplomacy of Gifts

Gino Benzoni, From Venice to Madrid, and Back Again: The Venetian Ambassador Giacomo Querini

Luis Tercero Casado, In the Service of the August House: The Embassy of the Marquess of Grana,
Imperial Representative during the Dynastic Crisis (1641–51)

Bertrand Haan, Diplomatic Stagecraft at the Court of Spain: The 1659 Reception for Louis XIV’s Ambassador Antoine Gramont

Jan Kieniewicz and Matylda Urjasz-Raczko, Fathoming Spanish Arcana: The Polish Ambassador Stanisław Mąkowski’s Impossible Mission to the Court of Philip IV (1638–47)

Lisa Beaven and José Luis Colomer, ‘Questo non basta a contentar una donna spagnola’: Camillo Massimo as Papal Nuncio in Madrid and His Later Ties to Spain (1655–62)

Maurits Ebben, Cross-Confessional and Diplomatic Incidents: Dutch Ambassadors in Madrid (1648–72)

Piers Baker-Bates and Alistair Malcolm, Sir Richard Fanshawe: The Restoration Tragedy of a Cavalier Aesthete

Todd Longstaffe-Gowan, ‘Fashioning’ Sir Arthur Hopton

Enrique Corredera Nilsson, The Cultivated Negotiator: Cornelius Lerche’s Missions in Madrid (1650–55, 1658–62)

Hans Helander and Martin Olin, Reporting Back to the ‘Phoenix of so Many Centuries’: Mathias Palbitzki, Queen Christina’s Envoy to Spain (1651–52)


Piero Boccardo, ‘The Wealthiest and Most Learned Gentleman of That Republic’: The Embassy of Anton Giulio Brignole-Sale in Madrid (1644–46)

Paola Volpini, On the Translatability of Scientific Discoveries: Galileo, Medicean Diplomacy and the Spanish Court (1612–32)

Jorge Fernández-Santos and Hüseyin Serdar Tabakoğlu, The Unexpected Ottoman Guest: Ahmed Agha in Madrid (1649–50)

Mercedes Simal López, Harbinger of a Prospective Alliance with Ducal Modena: The Diplomat and Poet Fulvio Testi’s Missions to Madrid (1636, 1638)

Miguel-Ángel Ochoa Brun
Epilogue: Philip IV’s Ambassadors

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