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New Edited Collection: “Image of Elizabeth I in EM Spain”

The Image of Elizabeth I in Early Modern Spain, Eduardo Olid Guerrero and Esther Fernández, eds (Nebraska, 2019).

Introduction: Semper Eadem, Semper Mutatio
Eduardo Olid Guerrero

Part 1. Anglo-Spanish Relations and the Politics of Elizabethan Queendom

1. From Friendship to Confrontation: Philip II, Elizabeth I, and Spanish-English Relations in the Sixteenth Century
Magdalena de Pazzis Pi Corrales

2. The Political Discourse on Elizabeth I in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Spain
Jesús M. Usunáriz

3. Antichrists, Pope Lovers, and Atheists: The Politics of Elizabeth I’s Christian Prayers and Meditations
Valerie Billing

4. Elizabeth I and the Politics of Representation: The Triumph over Spain
Mercedes Alcalá-Galán

Part 2. Visual and Literary Images of the Jezabel del Norte

5. In Search of Elizabeth I: Visual Representations of the Virgin Queen in Early Modern Spanish Sources
Claudia Mesa Higuera

6. Political Rhetoric in Lope de Vega’s Representation of Elizabeth I
Alejandro García-Reidy

7. Elizabeth I and Spanish Poetic Satyr: Political Context, Propaganda, and the Social Dimension of the Armada
Jesús-David Jerez-Gómez

Part 3. The Queen Is Dead! Isabel Tudor in the Spanish Ethos and for a Spanish Audience

8. Cervantes Upending Ribadeneira: Elizabeth I and the Reformation in Early Modern Spain
Alexander Samson

9. Elizabeth Tudor, the Elephant, and the Mirroring Cases of the Earl of Essex and the Duke of Biron
Adrián Izquierdo

10. Unmasking the Queen: Elizabeth I on the Early Modern Spanish Stage
Esther Fernández

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