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Book Chapters in “Compel People to Come In” by Zeron & Agnolin

Compel People to Come In: Violence and Catholic Conversions in the non-European World, Vincenzo Lavenia, Stefanie Pastore, Sabina Pavone, & Chiara Petrolini, eds (Edizione Cartacea, 2018).

Carlos Zeron, “Different Perceptions on the Topic of Forced Conversion, after the South Atlantic Experience.”

Adone Agnolin, “Violence and Adaptability of the Word: Jesuits and Natives in Portuguese America (16th-17th Centuries).”


Ball, “Court Cities Celebrate Prince Baltasar Carlos” in RSJ

Rachael Ball, “Court Cities Celebrate Prince Baltasar Carlos: Loyalty, Status, and Identity in the Early Modern Spanish World,” Royal Studies Journal 5/2 (2018).

New Book: De Sousa, “The Portuguese Slave Trade in Early Modern Japan”

Lúcio De Sousa, The Portuguese Slave Trade in Early Modern Japan: Merchants, Jesuits, and Japanese, Chinese, and Korean Slaves (Brill, 2018).

New Book: Hanotin, “Ambassdeur de deux couronnes”

Guillaume Hanotin, Ambassadeur de deux couronnes: Amelot et les Bourbons, entre commerce et diplomatie (Casa de Velázquez, 2018).

ASPHS Prizes, 2018: Deardorff & Montcher

I am getting to this belatedly, but: congratulations to Max Deardorff and Fabien Montcher!

Deardorff won the Best Early Career Article Prize for “The Ties That Bind: Intermarriage between Moriscos and Old Christians in Early Modern Spain, 1526-1614″ Journal of Family History 42/3 (2017).

Moncher won the Marques Prize for “Politics, Scholarship, and the Iberian Routes of the Republic of Letters: The Late Renaissance Itinerary of Vicente Noguiera (1586-1654” Erudition and the Republic of Letters 2 (2017).

New Book: “Palacios, plazas, patíbulos”

Palacios, plazas, patíbulos, James S. Amelang, Fernando Andrés Robres, Rafael Benítez Sánchez Blanco, Ricardo Franch Benavent, & Mirian Galante Becerril, eds (Tiranto lo Blanch, 2018).

Soyer, “The Inquisition & the Repression of Erotic and Pornographic Imagery” in JHA, Jan 2018

François Soyer, “The Inquisition and the Repression of Erotic and Pornographic Imagery in Early Nineteenth-Century Madrid,” The Journal of the Historical Association 103/354 (2018).

Regional Meeting of ASPHS: UCSD, Jan 19

The regional meeting of the ASPHS will be held at UC San Diego on Jan 19. The speakers will be:

Allyson Gonzalez (Post-doc Yale): “Who is a Jew?  The Lost Library of Rafael Cansinos and the Politics of the Modern Marrano.”

Renee Jennifer (Prof, UCI), “Municipal Bureaucracy and Enterprising Miners: Documenting Technical Innovation in 16th Century Potosi.”

Taylor Gray (UCSD PhD student): “Art Education under Construction: The Case of the Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes de Madrid.”

Ruth Oropeza (UA Ph.D. student): “Sanitation in the time of Cholera.”

Katie Harris (Prof, UCD): “Forgery and Sainthood in the 17th Century: Making St. John of Matha.”