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New Book: Abercrombie, “Passing to América”

Thomas A. Abercrombie, Passing to América: Antonio (Née María) Yta’s Transgressive, Transatlantic Life in the Twilight of the Spanish Empire (Penn St, 2018).


New Book: Hall-van den Elsen, “Fuerza e intimismo”

Catherine Hall-van den Elsen, Fuerza e intimismo: Luisa Roldán, escultora (1652-1706) (CSIC, 2018).

New Book: “Poder, sociedad, religión y tolerancia en el mundo hispánico”

Poder, sociedad, religión y tolerancia en el mundo hispánico, de Fernando el Católico al siglo XVIII, Eliseo Serrano Marín & Jesús Gascón Pérez, eds (Zaragoza: Institución Fernando el Católico, 2018).

New Book: Tanner, “Sublime Truth & the Senses”

Marie Tanner, Sublime Truth and the Senses: Titian’s Poesie for King Philip II of Spain (Brepols, 2017).

New Book: Polemical Encounters, García-Arenal & Wiegers, eds

Polemical Encounters: Christians, Jews, and Muslims in Iberia and Beyond, Mercedes García-Arenal, and Gerard Wiegers, eds (Penn State, 2018).

Part I The Medieval Iberian World

1. “‘When I Argue with Them in Hebrew and Aramaic’: Tathlīth al-waḥdānīyah, Ramon Martí, and Proofs of Jesus’s Messiahship,” Thomas E. Burman

2. “Qurʾānic Quotations in Latin: Translation, Tradition, and Fiction in Polemical Literature,” Antoni Biosca i Bas and Óscar de la Cruz

3. “The Mudejar Polemic Ta’yīd al-Milla and Conversion between Islam and Judaism in the Christian Territories of the Iberian Peninsula,” Mònica Colominas Aparicio

4. “‘Sermo ad conversos, christianos et sarracenos’: Polemical and Rhetorical Strategies in the Sermons of Vincent Ferrer to Mixed Audiences of Christians and Muslims,” Linda G. Jones

Part II Around the Forced Conversions

5. “Jewish Anti-Christian Polemics in Light of Mass Conversion to Christianity,” Daniel J. Lasker

6. “Theology of the Laws and Anti-Judaizing Polemics in Hernando de Talavera’s Católica impugnación,” Davide Scotto

7. “The Double Polemic of Martín de Figuerola’s Lumbre de fe contra el Alcorán,” Mercedes García-Arenal

8. “Art of Conversion? The Visual Policies of the Jesuits, Dominicans, and Mercedarians in Valencia,” Borja Franco Llopis

9. “Marcos Dobelio’s Polemics against the Authenticity of the Granadan Lead Books in Light of the Original Arabic Sources,” Pieter Sjoerd van Koningsveld and Gerard Wiegers

Part III Mediterranean and European Transfers

10. “Prisons and Polemics: Captivity, Confinement, and Medieval Interreligious Encounter,” Ryan Szpiech

11. “The Libre de bons amonestaments by ‘Abd Allāh al-Tarjumān: A Guidebook for Old and New Christians,” John Dagenais

12. “Poetics and Polemics: Ibrahim Taybili’s Anti-Christian Polemical Treatise in Verse,” Teresa Soto

13. “Torah Alone: Protestantism as Model and Target of Sephardi Religious Polemics in the Early Modern Netherlands,” Carsten Wilke

Feros Reviews Jordán Arroyo, Entre la vigilia y el sueño

Revista de Libros, Oct 2018:

Antonio Feros reviews María V. Jordán Arroyo, Entre la vigilia y el sueño. Soñar en el Siglo de Oro (Iberoamericana Vervuert, 2017).

Articles & Reviews in the JEMH 22/5 2018

The Journal of Early Modern History 22/5 (2018):

Ângela Barreto Xavier, “The Casa da Índia and the Emergence of a Science of Administration in the Portuguese Empire.”

Fabien Montcher, “The Portable Archives of the Westphalian Negotiations: From Archival Arsenals to Archival Absolutism (France, Portugal, and Spain).”

Rachael Ball reviews Antonio Feros, Speaking of Spain: The Evolution of Race and Nation in the Hispanic World.

Arthur Weststeijn reviews Miguel Martínez, Front Lines: Soldiers’ Writing in the Early Modern Hispanic World.

Granja Ibarreche, “Refashioning Early Modern Masculine Performance” in BSS, June 2018

Bulletin of Spanish Studies 95/4 (2018:

Xabier Granja Ibarreche, “Refashioning Early Modern Masculine Performance through manueles de conducta.”

Sad News: Bartolomé Bennassar Has Died

Bartolomé Bennassar died yesterday, according to the Fundación Española de Historia Moderna.

New Book: Fradera, “The Imperial Nation”

Josep M. Fradera, The Imperial Nation: Citizens and Subjects in the British, French, Spanish, and American Empires, trans. Ruth R. MacKay, (Princeton, 2018).