Welcome to the website of the congress “The Military Revolution in Portugal and its Empire (15th-18th centuries)“. The aim of this event, which will take place at the University of Évora (Portugal), during 29th-30th May 2018, is to insert Portugal and its early modern overseas empire into the general debate that has been taking place in the field of military history at a global level during the last decades. More than ever, it is relevant to discuss the application of the military revolution concept to the Portuguese case due to the fact that Portugal has been a poorly studied case in the field when compared to other cases. In the same vein, its primacy in early modern European overseas expansion process makes it an interesting case, given the demands in material and human resources required to support prolonged conflicts against extra-European and European powers outside Europe.

Besides exploring and debating the concept of military revolution itself, this two-day event will allow scholars to attempt comparisons between Portugal and other political units. We also wish to focus on the impact of the military revolution on overseas empires, particularly on how European and extra-European powers reacted to this period of change and what political, social, economical, and cultural consequences emerged from this process.

It is expected that the event shall give occasion to academic discussion of a high level and produce a set of significant contributions to the state of art within the area, combined with a healthy and salutary environment among all participants. The official language of the event will be English. On the behalf of the organizing commission, we urge potential speakers and audience to learn more in the call for papers area or by reaching us using specified contacts.

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