Calls for Papers

CFP: New Journal: Historiografías, revista de historia y teoría

Call for papers

Historiografías, revista de historia y teoría is an on-line biannual
publication in three languages devoted to historiographical studies and
theory of history. With the backing of worldwide specialists and
professors from various universities, Historiografias was created in
2010 as the brainchild of the research group assembled by Professor
Gonzalo Pasamar at the University of Zaragoza (Spain), where its server
is located:

As indicated in its Editorial Manifesto (see, Historiografías regards the study
of historical writings as a field without boundaries, ranging across
such disparate viewpoints as cultural and intellectual history,
political history and biography, as well as epistemology and social
theory, anthropology, sociology and history of science. Hence, the
objective of the journal is twofold: 1) to examine all the forms the
writing of history has adopted, without any geographical, chronological
or cultural restrictions, from historiography in Antiquity to forms
memories have adopted in other civilizations, including medieval and
Renaissance writers, and modern ways of writing history all over the
world, as well as current trends; 2) to give importance to historical
epistemology and theory in general.

Historiografías calls for original papers to be included under its three
headings: 1) “Historia y teoría”; 2) “Varia historiográfica”; and 3)
“Crítica”. The content of these sections is as follows: “Historia y
teoría” includes essays on historiography and theory and, where
appropriate, may also cover single subjects. “Varia historiográfica”
contains analyses of institutions, projects, debates, interviews, and
scientific events relating to theory and historiographic reflection, in
addition to a range of other articles (when the History and Theory
section is devoted to a single issue). “Crítica” contains reviews of
books and journals devoted to a single topic.

The journal accepts manuscripts in Spanish, English and French, with
documents being formatted in Word. Works must be original, that is, not
previously published, nor should they be committed for publication
elsewhere. Authors must indicate at the beginning of the text the
institution they work for, along with their professional address and
email. Some key-words (no more than six) should be included below, in
Spanish and English, along with an abstract in Spanish and English (no
more than 100 words), and a profile (no more than eighty words) in
Spanish and English.

The length of contributions is as follows: “Historia y teoría” and
“Varia historiográfica”: 10,000 words maximum. This includes footnotes,
bibliographic references and appendices. Graphical documents (pictures,
tables, photos, texts, charts, etc.) may also be appended, but only if
they are of good standard. In this case, their source should be
indicated and, where appropriate, permission to publish may also be
required. “Crítica”: 3,000 words, including footnotes and bibliographic
For further information, see “Instructions for Manuscripts Submission”,

Original papers should be sent by email to this address:

Manuscripts will be submitted for external assessment by at least two
accepted experts on the subject.


About emspanishhistorynotes

Scott Taylor is an associate professor in the history department at the University of Kentucky.


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