Reviews in the Winter 2016 SCJ

Sixteenth Century Journal 47/4 (2016):

R. Po-Chia Hsia reviews Carlos M.N. Eire, Reformations: The Early Modern World, 1450-1650 (Yale, 2016).

Linda K. Williams reviews Nancy E. van Deusen, Global Indios: The Indigenous Struggle for Justice in Sixteenth-Century Spain (Duke, 2015).

Alison Weber reviews Helen H. Reed and Trevor J. Dawson, eds, La princesa de Éboli: Cautiva del rey: Vida de Ana de Mendoza y de la Cerda (1540-1592) (Marcial Pons Historia, 2015).

Miles Pattenden reviews Annemarie Jordan-Gschwend and K.J.P. Lowe, The Global City: On the Streets of Renaissance Lisbon (London: Paul Holberton Publishing, 2015).

Ronald H. Fritze reviews Alfredo López Austin, The Myth of Quetzalcoatl: Religion, Rulership, and History in the Nahua World (University Press of Colorado, 2015).

John Considine reviews Byron Ellsworth Hamann, The Translations of Nebrija: Language, Culture, and Circulation in the Earl Modern World (University of Massachusetts Press, 2015).

Karen B. Graubart reviews Allyson M. Poska, Gendered Crossings: Women and Migration in the Spanish Empire (University of New Mexico Press, 2016).

Heather J. Allen reviews Barbara E. Mundy, The Death of Aztec Tenochtitlan: The Life of Mexico City (University of Texas Press, 2015).


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Scott Taylor is an associate professor in the history department at the University of Kentucky.


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