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New Book: The Early Modern Hispanic World: Festschrift for Richard Kagan

Kimberly Lynn and Erin Rowe, eds, The Early Modern Hispanic World: Transnational and Interdisciplinary Approaches (Cambridge, 2017).

Introduction. Mapping the early modern Hispanic world Kimberly Lynn and Erin Rowe

Part I. City and Society:
1. Towns and the forging of the Spanish Caribbean Ida Altman
2. The walk of the town: modeling the early modern city James S. Amelang
3. The king, the city, and the saints – performing sacred kingship in the royal capital Erin Rowe

Part II. Religion, Race, and Community:
4. A minority within a minority – the new and old Jewish converts of Sigüenza, 1492–1570 Sara T. Nalle
5. On the Alumbrados – confessionalism and religious dissidence in the Iberian world Mercedes García-Arenal and Felipe Pereda
6. The Spanish encounter with Islam Benjamin Ehlers
7. From peasants to slave owners – race, class, and gender in the Spanish Empire Allyson Poska

Part III. Law and Letters:
8. On early modern science in Spain María Portuondo
9. Spanish inquisitors, print, and the problem of publication Kimberly Lynn
10. ‘An immense structure of errors’ – Dionisio Bonfant, Lucas Holstenius, and the writing of sacred history in seventeenth-century Sardinia A. Katie Harris
11. The forces of the king. The generation that read Botero in Spain Xavier Gil

Part IV. Performance and Place:
12. Censuring public images: a woodcut in the inquisition trial of Esteban Jamete Fernando Marías Franco
13. Epic temptation – Lope de Vega’s Battle of Lepanto Elizabeth R. Wright
14. Staging femininity in early modern Spain Marta V. Vicente

Conclusion. The history of early modern Spain in retrospect Sir John Elliott.


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