Spanish History Symposium, UCSD Jan 21

The Spanish history Symposium (a regional ASPHS meeting) will meet at UCSD on January 21, 2017, from 10AM-4PM.  The format is discussion of pre-circulated papers, beginning with breakfast and including lunch.

If you would like to attend and/or be put on the symposium mailing list so that you receive copies of the papers and future announcements, please let me know:


Pamela Radcliff, Dept of History, UCSD

The five papers we will discuss are:

Aitana Guia (Prof, Cal State Fullerton), “Back to the Future:  Importing North African experiences of Nativism, Migration, and Gender to Europe, 1985-2015”


Foster Chamberlin (UCSD, Ph.D. student), “1931: Confronting the Mass Politics of the Second Republic,” (Ch 3 of dissertation, “Honor Bound: The Military Culture of the Civil Guard and the Political Violence of the Spanish Second Republic, 1931-1936.”)


Kathy Schneider,  “Forming the Modern Catholic Female Citizen:  Catholic Women’s Education during the Second Republic in Spain”


Katie Harris (Prof, UC, Davis), “‘Since devotion ended among us, their veneration came to an end’: St. Jean of Matha in Trinitarian Tradition”


Suzanne Dunai (UCSD, Ph.D. student), “An Appetite for Politics: Food Policies in the Francoist Media Culture”



About emspanishhistorynotes

Scott Taylor is an associate professor in the history department at the University of Kentucky.


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