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Articles & Reviews in RQ, Spring 2016

Renaissance Quarterly 69/1 (2016):

Luc Duerloo, “The Hunt in the Performance of Archducal Rule: Endurance and Revival in the Habsburg Netherlands in the Early Seventeenth Century.”

Carmen Ripollés, “Fictions of Abundance in Early Modern Madrid: Hospitality, Consumption, and Artistic Identity in the Work of Juan van der Hamen y León.”

Daniel A. Crews reviews Diálogo de la lengua: A Diplomatic Edition, Juan de Valdés, ed. Kormi Anipa (Cambridge: Modern Humanities Research Association, 2014).

Ian Campbell reviews Jack FreibergBramante’s Tempietto, the Roman Renaissance, and the Spanish Crown (Cambridge, 2014).

Joseph F. Patrouch reviews A Constellation of Courts: The Courts and Households of Habsburg Europe, 1555–1665, René Vermeir, Dries Raeymaekers, and José Eloy Hortal Muñoz, eds (Leuven University Press, 2014).

Céline Dauverd reviews Laura Manzano Baena, Conflicting Words: The Peace Treaty of Münster (1648) and the Political Culture of the Dutch Republic and the Spanish Monarchy (Leuven University Press, 2011).

Arthur M. Lesley reviews Michelle M. HamiltonBeyond Faith: Belief, Morality, and Memory in a Fifteenth-Century Judeo-Iberian Manuscript (Brill, 2014).

Harro Höpfl reviews Francisco Suárez, De legibus ac Deo legislatore. Liber tertius: De lege positiva humana / Über die Gesetze und Gott den Gesetzgeber. Drittes Buch: Über das menschliche positive Gesetz, Teil 1, Oliver Bach, Norbert Brieskorn, and Gideon Stiening, eds (Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt: Frommann-Holzboog, 2014).

Patrick J. O’Banion reviews A Linking of Heaven and Earth: Studies in Religious and Cultural History in Honor of Carlos M. N. Eire, Emily Michelson, Scott K. Taylor, and Mary Noll Venables, eds (Ashgate, 2012).

José Maria Pérez Fernández reviews Moria de Erasmo Roterodamo: A Critical Edition of the Early Modern Spanish Translation of Erasmus’s Encomium Moriae, Jorge Ledo and Harm den Boer, eds (Brill, 2014).

Andrew Pettegree reviews Translation and the Book Trade in Early Modern Europe, José María Pérez Fernández and Edward Wilson-Lee, eds (Cambridge, 2014).

Eric Clifford Graf reviews Mary E. BarnardGarcilaso de la Vega and the Material Culture of Renaissance Europe (Toronto, 2014).

Susan Byrne reviews Stephen RuppHeroic Forms: Cervantes and the Literature of War (Toronto Press, 2014).

Dale Shuger reviews Enrique FernándezAnxieties of Interiority and Dissection in Early Modern Spain (Toronto, 2015).

Barbara Mujica reviews Elizabeth Teresa HoweAutobiographical Writing by Early Modern Hispanic Women (Ashgate, 2015).

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