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Gabe Paquette: 2015 Round-Up

The man does not cease publishing. So instead of giving you everything he did in 2015 (at least that I know about from the ASPHS Bulletin) one at a time, here it all is at once:

Paquette, Gabriel, “An Itinerant Liberal: Almeida Garrett’s Exilic Itineraries and the Development of his Political and Cultural Ideas,” in Mediterranean Diasporas: Patriotism and the Circulation of Ideas in the Long Nineteenth Century, Maurizio Isabella and Konstantina Zanou, eds (London: Bloomsbury, 2015).

“Cádiz y las Fábulas de la Historiografía Occidental,” in Cádiz a Debate: Actualidad, Contexto y Legado, 49-62. Roberto Breña, ed. (Mexico City: El Colegio de Mexico, 2014).

“Carlos III: La Ilustración entre España y Ultramar,” in Entre Mediterráneo y Atlántico: Circulaciones, Conexiones y Miradas, 1756-1867, Luigi Mascilli Migliorini, ed. (Santiago de Chile: Fondo de Cultura Económica, 2014).

“Colonial Societies,” in The Oxford Handbook of Early Modern European History, 1350- 1750, vol. II, H.M. Scott, ed. (Oxford University Press, 2015)

“Introduction: Liberalism in the Early Nineteenth-century Iberian World,” History of European Ideas 41/2 (2015).

“Romantic Liberalism in Spain and Portugal, c. 1825-1850,” Historical Journal 58/2 (2015).

But wait, there’s more from 2014!:

Paquette, Gabriel, and Andrew Toebben “Imperial Planning,” in The Princeton Companion to Atlantic History, Joseph C. Miller, ed. (Princeton University Press, 2014).

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