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Tavarez, “Viscardo’s Global Political Economy” in JLAS

Fidel J. Tavarez, “Viscardo’s Global Political Economy and the First Cry for Latin American Independence, 1767-1798,” Journal of Latin American Studies 47/5 (2015).


New Book: “Goya, The Portraits”

Goya: The Portraits, Xavier Bray, with contributions by Manuela B. Mena Marques, Thomas Gayford, and Allison Goudie (Yale, 2015).

This book accompanies the exhibition currently at the National Gallery (London).

New Book: “Iberian Books” Volumes II & III

Iberian Books Volumes II & III/Libros Ibéricos Volúmenes II y III (2 vols): Books published in Spain, Portugal and the New World or elsewhere in Spanish or Portuguese between 1601 and 1650/Libros publicados en  España, Portugal y el Nuevo Mundo o impresos en otros lugares en españoles o portugués entre 1601 y 1650, ed. Alexander S. Wilkinson and Alejandra Ulla Lorenzo (Brill, 2015).

Thanks to François Soyer for the tip.