New Book: “Spanish Enlightenment Revisited”

Jesús Astigarraga, ed., The Spanish Enlightenment Revisited (Voltaire Foundation, 2015).

Jesús Astigarraga, “Introduction: admirer, rougir, imiter – Spain and the European Enlightenment.”

María Victoria López-Cordón Cortezo, “The merits of good gobierno: culture and politics in the Bourbon court.”

Joaquín Álvarez Barrientos, “The Spanish Republic of Letters in its European context: images, economics, and the representation of the man of letters.”

Jesús Astigarraga, “Economic societies and the politicisation of the Spanish Enlightenment.”

Juan Pimentel, “The Indians of Europe: the role of Spain’s Enlightenment in the making of a global science.”

Javier Usoz, “Political economy and the creation of the public sphere during the Spanish Enlightenment.”

Ignacio Fernández Sarasola, “Constitution projects during the Spanish Enlightenment.”

Gabriel Paquette, “The reform of the Spanish empire in the age of Enlightenment.”

Jesús Astigarraga, Niccolò Guasti and Juan Zabalza, “The Spanish debate on public finance: a privileged laboratory for enlightened reforms.”

Joaquín Varela Suanzes-Carpegna, “The image of the British system of government in Spain (1759-1814).”

Javier Fernández Sebastián, “From the ‘voice of the people’ to the freedom of the press: the birth of public opinion.”

Alejandro Agüero and Marta Lorente, “Penal Enlightenment in Spain: from Beccaria’s reception to the first criminal code.”


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Scott Taylor is an associate professor in the history department at the University of Kentucky.


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