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CFP: “The Iberian Peninsula, The Caribbean, and Latin America. Dialogues Across Commerce, Science, and Technique (XIX-XX)

“The Iberian Peninsula, The Caribbean, and Latin America. Dialogues Across Commerce, Science, and Technique (XIX-XX)

The present call turns around the commercial, scientific and technical dialogue between Europe and America, in particular between the Iberian Peninsula, the Caribbean basin and Latin America. The idea is bringing the publication close to the work’s lines of the CIDEHUS, this is, on the one hand, to analyze the historical changes in the long duration, in an interdisciplinary and transnational perspective and, on the other hand, to consider the South concept as regards the Iberian Peninsula, Europe and the other geographical regions historical and culturally related to the first ones.
The Atlantic Ocean is a witness of the commercial, scientific and technical relation between America and Europe. In this book we invite to rediscover the aspects of this relation, very particularly, between the Iberian Peninsula, the Caribbean Basin and Latin America, in the XIXth and XXth century. The idea of conducting comparative analysis spreads on perspectives enshrined in the study of the multiple expressions of the topics; we try not only works on the direct contact, on the unidirectional historical approach, but also we do emphasis in promoting researches destined to discover the role of these regions, or parts of them, in the intermediation of a biggest relation: in the multiple interconnections that allowed to circulate, establish, consolidate, bequeath and value the contribution of subjects, objects and ideas of both continents. That is, we invite to consider also the idea of the South of Europe, specially Spain and Portugal, along with its Atlantic Island, and the Caribbean Sea, as interlinked regions between America and the rest of the European continent, in its dialectical contact.

We are looking for contributions on History, Sociology, Anthropology, Heritage, Librarianship and other areas related to Social Sciences and Humanities. Articles must be original works of research, with high scientific rigor. Themes might include: Trade and Commercial Networks – Circulation of Products and Consumption – Intermediate Ports and Deposits for Re-export – Companies of Navigation, Commercial Houses and Communication – History of the Science and Technique – Circulation of Scientific and Technical Knowledge applied to the Commerce, the Agriculture and the Industry – Scientists’ mobility – Travelers and Studies of the European and Latin-American Spaces and Techniques – Contribution of the Scientific Explorations to the Relation Europe / Latin America. .- Participation assumes two stages: a previous abstract and the final article. .- Abstracts. Please send abstracts 1) in English and 2) in Spanish or Portuguese (max. 500 words), 6 Keywords and brief CV to the Coordinator.

– Deadline for Abstracts: February 15, 2015.
– Articles. They will be admitted into English, Portuguese or Spanish (max. 12.000 words // 22 pages, included: graphs, tables, textboxes, footnotes, and images). Norms of writing of the article will be sent as soon as the abstracts were received.

– Deadline for Article: August 30, 2015. .- Coordinator Email for abstracts and articles: (Subject: e-book).

– Coordinator: Antonio de Abreu Xavier (PhD Full Member, CIDEHUS – Univ. Évora).

– Academic Referees: articles will be submitted to evaluation by a scientific Committee according to the «Rules for books publications» of the CIDEHUS (



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Scott Taylor is an associate professor in the history department at the University of Kentucky.


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