2013 Book I Missed: “Angels, Demons and the New World”

Angels, Demons, and the New World, Fernando Cervantes and Andrew Redden, eds (Cambridge, 2013).

Introduction Fernando Cervantes and Andrew Redden

Part I. From the Old World to the New:

1. The devil in the old world: anti-superstition literature, medical humanism and preternatural philosophy in early modern Spain, Andrew Keitt

2. Demonios within and without: Hieronymites and the devil in the early modern Hispanic world, Kenneth Mills

3. How to see angels: the resilience of Mendicant spirituality in Spanish America, Fernando Cervantes

Part II. Indigenous and Afro-American Responses:
4. Satan is my nickname: demonic and angelic interventions in colonial Nahuatl theatre, Louise Burkhart

5. Vipers under the altar cloth: Satanic and angelic forms in seventeenth-century New Granada, Andrew Redden

6. Where did all the angels go? An interpretation of the Nahua supernatural world, Caterina Pizzigoni

Part III. The World of the Baroque:
7. Angels and demons in the conquest of Peru, Ramón Mujica Pinilla

8. Winged and imagined Indians, Jaime Cuadriello

9. Psychomachia Indiana: angels, devils and holy images in New Spain, David Brading.


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Scott Taylor is an associate professor in the history department at the University of Kentucky.


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