Calls for Papers

CFP: Hispanic Lit & Cervantes Society at the RSA, Berlin March, 2015

Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America

26-28 March 2015 — Berlin, Germany 

Sessions sponsored by the RSA Division in Hispanic Literature and the Cervantes Society of America


Proposals are invited for the following topics:

The Quijote of 1615

How was the Quijote of 1615 conceptualized in a different way than that of 1605?

How was it received by its first readers and by later generations?

Is it correct to characterize the Quijote of 1615 as “Part 2”?

The Comedias and Entremeses of 1615: Staging the World of Cervantes

How did Cervantes adapt his circumstance, and his experiences, to the demands and limitations of the stage?

How might one adapt the comedias and entremeses of Cervantes to the demands and limitations of theatre in other times and places?

Cervantes and the Mediterranean World

How do the writings of Cervantes locate themselves within the Mediterranean world of his time? Was there a specifically “Mediterranean consciousness” in early modern writing that marks the works of Cervantes?

The Life-Cycle of the Book in Early Modern Spain

The gestation, birth, or afterlife of best sellers.

Unread, unloved, or aborted masterpieces.

Prohibited or expurgated works.

Collective authorship.

Packaging, marketing, and promoting books.

Purloined Letters

Plagiarism, false authorship, unauthorized publications, misleading or self-serving commentaries or translations.

The Worlds of Teresa of Ávila (1515-1582)

On the five-hundreth anniversary of the birth (on 28 March 1515) of Teresa of Ávila, speakers are asked to address the worlds into which Teresa was born, within which she labored, and to which she aspired, both in her activities and in her writings.

Submission of proposals:

Please indicate the name of the panel that interests you, and send a single page with both a less than 150-word abstract and a brief curriculum vitae to all three of the following: Laura Bass (laura_bass[at]; David A. Boruchoff (david.boruchoff[at]; and Steven Hutchinson (shutchin[at] Proposals must be received by 25 May 2014.


Please note:

Presentations may be made in English (the primary language of the RSA) or in Spanish, and should bear in mind the interdisciplinary makeup of the RSA, as well as the need to be intelligible to scholars whose primary interests and expertise may lie outside the Spanish-speaking world. Successful proposals will be published in the conference program.

The RSA permits participants to give only one paper at its annual meeting.

All presenters must be or become members of the RSA and must register for the meeting.

Submission of a proposal implies that one will subsequently participate in the meeting if selected. The RSA is considering sanctions against those who withdraw after being selected or fail to attend the meeting. For more information on the annual meeting, see the RSA website:


About emspanishhistorynotes

Scott Taylor is an associate professor in the history department at the University of Kentucky.


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