Book chapters

Book Chapters on Habsburg Women

Anne J. Cruz and Maria Galli Stampino, eds, Early Modern Habsburg Women: Transnational Contexts, Cultural Conflicts, Dynastic Continuities (Ashgate, 2013).

Introduction, Anne J. Cruz

Part I Transnational and Transcultural Ties:

‘Bella gerant alii’: Laodamia’s sisters/Habsburg brides: leaving home for the sake of the house, Joseph F. Patrouch.

Maria Maddalena, Archduchess of Austria and Grand Duchess of Florence: negotiating performance, traditions and taste, Maria Galli Stampino.

The three lives of Margherita of Savoy-Gonzaga, Duchess of Mantua and Vicereine of Portugal, Blythe Alice Raviola.

Part II Epistolary and Spatial Power:

‘Lord of my soul’: the letters of Catalina Micaela, Duchess of Savoy, to her husband, Carlo Emanuele I, Magdalena S. Sánchez.

An illegitimate Habsburg: Sor Ana Dorotea de la Concepción, Marquise of Austria, Vanessa de Cruz Medina.

From Castile to Burgundy: the evolution of the queens’ households during the 16th century, Félix Labrador Arroyo.

Part III Birthing Habsburgs:

Giving birth at the Habsburg court: visual and material culture, María Cruz de Carlos Varona.

Habsburg motherhood: the power of Mariana of Austria, mother and regent for Carlos II of Spain, Silvia Z. Mitchell.

Part IV Visual and Sartorial Politics:

Mariana of Austria’s portraits as ruler-governor and curadora by Juan Carreño de Miranda and Claudio Coello, Mercedes Llorente.

Isabel of Borbón’s sartorial politics: from French princess to Habsburg regent, Laura Oliván Santaliestra.

The making and meaning of the monastic habit at Spanish Habsburg courts, Cordula van Wyhe.


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