Conference at Notre Dame: Rethinking Medieval Iberia, Fri, Sept 13, 2013

Moving Beyond the “Land of the Three Cultures”: Re-Thinking Medieval Iberia

University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN

September 13-14, 2013 (poster).

This conference seeks to challenge the received notion of medieval Iberia as a “Land of the Three Cultures” by questioning the relevance of this construct. Was medieval Iberia a land of only three cultures? Why not four, five, six or more? Despite recent calls to do away with the convivencia and reconquista paradigms, the question of how to proceed from here remains. This conference seeks to address the implications of cultural-religious approaches to the study of medieval Iberia by asking: How do we move beyond the “Land of the Three Cultures”? Do we want to? Can we? What are the alternatives?

Beyond the Land of the Three Cultures

Re-Thinking Medieval Iberia Symposium, September 13-14, 2013

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This program is subject to change. Last updated: 8/8/2013. Poster (.pdf format)

Friday, September 13, 2013

12pm, Registration
1pm, Welcome
1.40pm, Keynote address by Thomas Burman: “Ramon Martí and the Three Religions.”

2.30-3pm, Break

3-4.30pm, Session I: Technology & Material Culture
John Moscatiello: “Two Cultures: Islamic and Christian Domestic Architecture in High Medieval Iberia”
Rafael Azuar: “The Archaeology of Multicultural al-Andalus”
Moderator: Thomas Glick

4.30-5pm, Break

5-6.30pm, Session II: Language & Translation
Brian Long: “The Anxiety of Influence? Interfaith Scholarly Influence in Iberia and Beyond”
Robin Vose: “My lips shall not speak iniquity: Language, Translation and Identity in Medieval Iberia”
Moderator: Gerard Wiegers

6.30pm, Reception & Dinner (by invitation)

Saturday, September 14

9-10.30am, Session III: Literature
Emmanuel Ramirez-Nieves: “Carnal Penitence: Don Carnal’s Confession in the Libro de Buen Amor in a Comparative Context”
Benjamin Liu: “Leaving Iberia: Gerena, Turmeda and the Question of Intercultural Competence”
Moderator: Dayle Seidenspinner-Nunez

10.30-11am, Break

11am-12.30pm, Session IV: Law and Religion
Belen Vicens-Saiz: “‘Omnes de quoalquier conditión’: Law, Religion, and Identity in the Vidal Mayor
John Tolan: “Confessional Boundaries and Access to Justice in Medieval Iberia.”
Moderator: Brian Catlos

12.30-2pm, Lunch

2-4pm, Roundtable
Simon Doubleday
Ana Echevarria Arsuaga

4-5pm, Reception

5pm, Dinner (by invitation)


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