Fradera & Schmidt-Nowara, Slavery & Antislavery

New book: Josep M Modera & Christopher Schmidt-Nowara, eds, Slavery and Antislavery in Spain’s Atlantic Empire (Berghan, 2013).


Introduction: Colonial Pioneer, Plantation Latecomer
Josep M. Fradera and Christopher Schmidt-Nowara

Chapter 1. The Slave Trade in the Spanish Empire (1501-1808): The Shift from Periphery to Center
Josep M. Delgado

Chapter 2. The Portuguese Missionaries and Early Modern Antislavery
Luiz Felipe de Alencastro

Chapter 3. The Economic Role of Slavery in a Non-Slave Society: The River Plate, 1750-1860
Juan Carlos Garavaglia

Chapter 4. Slaves and the Creation of Legal Rights in Cuba: Coartación and Papel (reprinted from Hispanic American Historical Review)
Alejandro de la Fuente

Chapter 5. Cuban Slavery and Atlantic Antislavery (reprinted from Review: A Journal of the Fernand Braudel Center)
Ada Ferrer

Chapter 6. Wilberforce Spanished: Joseph Blanco White and Spanish Antislavery, 1808-1814
Christopher Schmidt-Nowara

Chapter 7. Spanish Merchants and the Slave Trade: From Legality to Illegality, 1814-1870
Martín Rodrigo

Chapter 8. The Amistad: Ramón Ferrer, Cuba, and the Transatlantic Dimensions of Slaving and Contraband Trade
Michael Zeuske

Chapter 9. Antislavery before Abolitionism: Networks and Motives in Early Liberal Barcelona, 1833-1844
Albert Garcia Balañà

Chapter 10. Moments in a Postponed Abolition
Josep M. Fradera

Chapter 11. From Empires of Slaves to Empires of Antislavery
Seymour Drescher


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