Panels at the 2013 ASPHS Conference, Albuquerque NM

Again, I’m sorry that I neglected to get these up before the conference began, when it might have been helpful. But in the interest of trying to be comprehensive, and letting us all know what our colleagues are working on, here are the early modern panels that took place last month at the ASPHS Conference in Albuquerque, NM:

Friday, April 5:

Grappling with Islam in the Early Modern Spanish Mediterranean

Comment: Andrew W. Devereux (Loyola Marymount University)

“Christian Myths of a Muslim Ruler: Saladin in El Conde Lucanor”
Maria Pluta (University of Notre Dame)

“‘I am a Muslim and That is What I Want to Be’: A First-Hand Account of the Expulsion of the Moriscos”
Libby Nutting (UT-Austin)

“Reversing Empires and Reversing Sorrow in a Portuguese Planctus”
José Miguel Martínez Torrejón (Queens College)

Early Modern Portugal and Print Culture Across Borders

Organizer: Kirsten Schultz (Seton Hall University)

Comment: Jack Norton (Normandale Community College)

“Pamphlets, Politics, and Religion: The Whitehall Conferences and the Quest for Jewish Readmission into England”
María Ana Valez (Yale University)

“Portuguese Pamphlets and the History of the Present, ca. 1700-1750”
Kirsten Schultz (Seton Hall University)

“Reporting the Lisbon Earthquake”
Mark Molesky (Seton Hall University)

From Crisis to Crisis: The Reign of the Junta Central, 1808-1810

Chair: Scott Eastman (Creighton University)

Comment: Sean Perrone (Saint Anselm College)

“The Republican Origins of Spanish Liberalism”
Alberto Sahagun (Bucknell University)

“The Brief but Effective Rule of the Junta Central over Western Andalusia”
Charles Nicholas Saenz (UC-San Diego)

“The Junta Central and the Governing of the Indies: The Case of the Captaincy General of Venezuela”
Olga Gonzalez-Silen (Harvard University)

Land and Power in the Early Modern Hispanic World

Marta V. Vicente (University of Kansas)

“New Mexico Acequiasas Living Simulacra of Medieval Peninsular Irrigation Communities”
Thomas F. Glick (Boston University)

“Forests of the Ultramar: The Conservation and Exploitation of Timber Sources in Colonial Shipyards in the Americans and the Philippines, c. 1500-c.1750″
John T. Wing (College of Staten Island-CUNY)

“Eucalypts in Northern Ecuador: An Environmental History”
Kenneth Kincaid (Purdue University North Central)

Panel in Honor of William D. and Carla R. Phillips

Carla and Wim’s students and colleagues gather to recognize and honor their careers and contributions to the Spanish historical profession.

Chair: Jodi Campbell, Texas Christian University

Luis Morera, Baylor University
Allyson Poska, University of Mary Washington
Anne Marie Wolf, University of Maine-Farmington
Dan Crews, University of Central Missouri
Jack Norton, Normandale Community College

Troubled Identities: Jews and Conversos in the Old and New Worlds

Organizer: Roger L. Martinez (UC-Colorado Springs)

Comment: Amy Aronson-Friedman (Valdosta State University)

“Crisis and Opportunity: The Case of Blanca of Girona in Late Fourteenth Century Catalonia”
Alexandra Guerson (University of Toronto) and
Dana Wessell Lightfoot (University of Northern British Columbia)

“Frameworks: Spanish History, Identity, and Converso Historiography”
Roger L. Martinez (UC-Colorado Springs)

Daily Life in Early Modern Iberia

Chair: Dan Crews (University of Central Missouri)

Comment: Allyson M. Poska (University of Mary Washington)

“Daily Life and Living Conditions in the Inquisitorial Prison at Valladolid, 1572-1577”
J. Michael Fulton (Whitworth University)

“‘The Lords of the Seven Parishes’: Silk Workers, Popular Politics, and Revolt in Early Modern Seville”
Igor Knezevic (University of Pennsylvania)

“Race, Gender, and Justice in Sixteenth-Century Portugal”
Darlene Abreu-Ferreira (University of Winnipeg)

“The Portuguese Inquisition, the Intermediate Groups and the Control over the Peripheries (17-18th centuries)”
Fernanda Olival (Universidade de Évora)

Saturday, April 6

Identity and Empire: Atlantic and Pacific Perspectives

Chair: Enrique Sanabria (University of New Mexico)

“The Many Faces and the Far Reaches of Creolism in Habsburg Peru”
Guillermo García Montufar (Johns Hopkins University)

“The Spanish Empire And The Pacific World: Mexican ‘Vagrants, Idlers, And Troublemakers’ in the Philippines, 1765-1821”
Eva Mehl (UNC-Wilmington)

“Exile, Captivity, and Freedom: The Blanco Whites and Spain’s War of Independence, 1808-1814”
Christopher Schmidt-Nowara (Tufts University)

“Mexican Nationalism as Seen by a Spanish Lieutenant in his Personal Diary, 1821-1822”
Claudia Guarisco (El Colegio Mexiquense, A.C.)

Authorial Self-Fashioning in Early Modern Spanish Historiography

Organizer: Katherine van Liere (Calvin College)

Comment: Allyson M. Poska (University of Mary Washington)

“Habsburg Spain’s History Teacher: Ambrosio de Morales’s Coronica general and Antiguedades as Pedagogical Tools”
Katherine van Liere (Calvin College)

“Self-Fashioning, Novelistic Discourse and the Truth of History: Informaciones de servicio and Early Spanish Colonialism in the Southern United States”
Alexander Samson (University College-London)

“The Forging of an Intellectual Career: Inca Garcliaso de la Vega’s Self-Fashioning”
Fernando Rodriguez-Mansilla (Hobart & William Smith Colleges)

Golden Anniversaries: J. H. Elliott’s Imperial Spain and Revolt of the Catalans after Fifty Years

Organized by: Xavier Gil (Universitat de Barcelona) and
Geoffrey Parker (Ohio State University)

“The writing of Spanish history before and after 1963 (Spanish, including Catalan, and non-Spanish alike) and re-integrating Spain within European/world History”
Xavier Gil (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and
Antonio Zaldívar (UCLA)

“Restoring the Role of Human Agency”
James Boyden (Tulane University) and
Ruth MacKay (Stanford University)

“Promoting Comparative, Atlantic, and Global history”
Geoffrey Parker (Ohio State University) and
Molly Warsh (University of Pittsburgh)

Response: Sir John H. Elliott (Oxford University)

In Honor of Richard L. Kagan: Rethinking “Prescott’s Paradigm” – A New Paradigm for a New Millennium?

Chair: Erin Kathleen Rowe (Johns Hopkins University)

Response: Richard L. Kagan and Audience

Luis Corteguera, University of Kansas
Xavier Gil, Universitat de Barcelona
Kimberly Lynn, Western Washington University
Marta M. Vicente, University of Kansas

Across the Ages: Medieval and Early Modern Representations of Religious Identity and Conversion

Organizer: Roger Martinez

Comment: Pilar Ryan (US Military Academy)

“Converso Identities in Late Medieval Spain: Intermediacy and Indeterminacy”
Elizabeth Koza (SUNY-New Paltz)

“Against the Current: Leocritia of Cordova’s Conversion to Christianity”
Micah K. Martin (UC-Irvine)

Peace, War, and Royal Authority in the Hispanic World

Chair and Comment: Michelle Armstrong-Partida (UT-El Paso)

“Sovereignty and the Royal Peace in the Crown of Aragon, 1213-1276”
Jennifer Speed (University of Dayton)

“Just War and the Christian Prince: Juan López de Palacios Rubios and Ideologies of Empire in the Sixteenth-Century Spanish World”
Andrew W. Devereux (Loyola Marymount University)

“‘Having Served in the Troops’: The Appointment of Military Officers as Provincial Governors in Eighteenth-Century Spanish America”
Francisco Eissa-Barroso (El Colegio de Michoacán)


Sunday, April 7

Sacred Art, Family, and Identity in the Early Modern Hispanic World

Chair and Comment: Luis Corteguera (University of Kansas)

“Music, Art, Theater, Syncretism, and Angels in New Spain”
Cesar Favila (University of Chicago)

“The Jesuit Reductions of Paraguay”
Maria Giulia Genghini (University of Notre Dame)

“Collecting the New World: Latin American Art in Habsburg Inventories”
Kate Holohan (NYU)


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