Reviews in the April 2013 AHR

The American Historical Review 118/2 (April 2013) includes a featured review and several regular ones.

Featured review: Margaret Chowning reviews John Tutino, Making a New World: Founding Capitalism in the Bajío and Spanish North America (Duke, 2011).

Mark Thurner reviews Joanne Rappaport and Tom Cummins, Beyond the Lettered City: Indigenous Literacies in the Andes (Duke, 2011).

Matt O’Hara reviews Scott Eastman, Preaching Spanish Nationalism across the Hispanic Atlantic, 1759-1823 (LSU Press, 2012).

Wayne E. Lee reviews Lance R. Blyth, Chiricahua and Janos: Communities of Violence in the Southwestern Borderlands, 1680-1880 (University of Nebraska Press, 2012).

Ariel de la Fuente reviews Lyman L. Johnson, Workshop of Revolution: Plebeian Buenos Aires and the Atlantic World, 1776-1810 (Duke, 2011).

Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann reviews Carina L. Johnson, Cultural Hierarchy in Sixteenth-Century Europe: The Ottomans and Mexicans (Cambridge, 2011).

Michael J. Levin reviews Yuen-Gen Liang, Family and Empire: The Fernández de Córdoba and the Spanish Realm (Penn, 2011).

Willian Bynum reviews Michele L. Clouse, Medicine, Government and Public Health in Philip II’s Spain: Shared Interests, Competing Authorities (Ashgate, 2011).


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Scott Taylor is an associate professor in the history department at the University of Kentucky.


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