BSS 2012 Issue 4: The Print World of Early Modern Iberia

The Bulletin of Spanish Studies had a special issue last year entitled, “Exploring the Print World of Early Modern Iberia,” 89/4 (2012).

Alexander S. Wilkinson, “Foreword.”

Alexander S. Wilkinson, “Exploring the Print World of Early Modern Iberia.”

Andrew Pettegree, “North and South: Cultural Transmission in the Sixteenth-Century European Book World.”

Tess Knighton, “Preliminary Thoughts on the Dynamics of Music Printing in the Iberian Peninsula during the Sixteenth Century.”

Marinela García-Sempere and Alexander S. Wilkinson, “Catalán and the Book Industry in the Crown of Aragón, 1475-1601.”

Luna Nájera, “Contesting the Word: The Crown and the Printing Press in Colonial Spanish America.”

Peter Lahiff, “Printing, Patronage and Preferment: The Works of Andrés Laguna and the Dynamics of Humanist Publication in the Sixteenth Century.”

Clive Griffin, Cruz de Christo: A Strange Case of Printing in Sixteenth-Century Seville.”

Terence O’Reilly, “Early Printed Books in Spain and the Exercicios of Ignatius Loyola.”


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Scott Taylor is an associate professor in the history department at the University of Kentucky.


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