New Book: Essays in Honor of Geoffrey Parker

The Limits of Empire: European Imperial Formations in Early Modern World History. Essays in Honor of Geoffrey Parker, Tonio Andrade and William Reger, eds (Ashgate, 2012).

Geoffrey Parker and early modern history, Tonio Andrade and William Reger

The limits of empire: an introduction, Tonio Andrade and William Reger

‘Por Dios, por patria’: the sacral limits of empire as seen in Catalan political sermons, 1630-1641, Andrew Mitchell

Enlightened absolutism and new frontiers for political authority: building towards a state religion in 18th-century Spain, Andrea J. Smidt

The limits of faith in a maritime empire: Mennonites, trade and politics in the Dutch Golden Age, Mary S. Sprunger

Information, gossip and rumor: the limits of intelligence at the early modern court, 1558-1585, Denice Fett

Philip II, information overload, and the early modern moment, Paul M. Dover

Italy and the limits of the Spanish empire, Michael J. Levin

The limits of dynastic power: Poland-Lithuania, Sweden and the problem of composite monarchy in the age of the Vasas, 1562-1668, Robert I. Frost

The artillery fortress was an engine of European expansion: evidence from East Asia, Tonio Andrade

The limits of empire: the case of Britain, Jeremy Black

The façade of order: claiming imperial space in early modern Russia, Matthew P. Romaniello

Renaissance diplomacy and the limits of empire: Eustace Chapuys, Habsburg imperialisms, and dissimulation as method, Richard Lundell

Distance and misinformation in the conquest of America, Bethany Aram

Brawling behaviors in the Dutch colonial empire: changing norms of fairness?, Pamela McVay

Isabel Clara Eugenia: daughter of the Spanish empire, Cristina Borreguero Beltrán

Messianic imperialism or traditional dynasticism? The grand strategy of Philip II and the Spanish failure in the wars of the 1590s, Edward Shannon Tenace

‘A man’s gotta know his limitations’: reflections on a misspent past, Geoffrey Parker

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Specific Essays of interest to Hispanists:

Andrew Mitchell “’Por Dios, Por Patria’: The Sacral Limits of Empire as Seen in Catalan Political Sermons, 1630-1641”

Andrea J Smidt, “Enlightened Absolutism and New Frontiers for Political Authority: Building Towards a State Religion in 18th-Century Spain”

Denice Fett, “ Information, Gossip and Rumor: The Limits of Intelligence at the Early Modern Court, 1558-1585”

Paul Dover, “Philip II, Information Overload, and the Early Modern Moment”

Michael J. Levin, “Italy and the Limits of the Spanish Empire”

Bethany Aram, “Distance and Misinformation in the Conquest of America”

Cristina Borreguero Beltrán, “ Isabel Clara Eugenia: Daughter of the Spanish Empire”

Edward Shannon Tenace, “The Grand Strategy of Philip II and the Spanish Failure in the Wars of the 1590s


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