Radio Program: Hablemos de Historia

A note from Vicente Sanz Rozalén:

Dear friends,

Just a short message to let you know about a new initiative that we have started in the History, Political Cultures and Social Movements Research Group of the History Department at Universitat Jaume I (Spain). This is a radio programme entitled ‘Let’s Talk About History’ (Hablemos de Historia).

We will talk about history books with their authors and with the collaboration of other colleagues and students. The aim is to get people interested in the issues and perspectives of history, a place where the past becomes a key tool for understanding the present and to think about – and teach – what our trade as historians is.

While it is conceived as an academic activity as a discussion forum, the programme ‘Let’s Talk About History’ (Hablemos de Historia) has the support of an editorial committee composed of:

Paul Estrade (Université Paris VIII, France), Carolyn Steedman (University of Warwick, United Kingdom), Xosé-Manoel Núñez Seixas (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Spain/ LMU, Germany), Marcel van der Linden (Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis, Netherlands), Hélène Goujat (Université d’Angers, France), Bryan Palmer (Trent University, Canada), Angel Duarte Montserrat (Universitat de Girona, Spain), Geoff Eley (University of Michigan, USA) and Ricardo Martín de la Guardia (Universidad de Valladolid, Spain).

After being broadcast, each programme will be available as a downloadable podcast from the Hablemos de Historia website, which we will send news about soon. At the moment you can also find the podcasts in the UJI Vox Radio library (Radioteca).

This is simply an invitation to follow us on the last Thursday of every month at 15.00 h (GMT), through UJI Vox Radio (107.8 FM) and online (

We also invite you to send your proposals.

You can access the website and get further information by clicking on:

The next broadcast will be on Thursday, November 29th in which we will talk with Professor Anne-Marie Thiesse (CNRS), about “The Making of National Identities”, with the kind collaboration of Ferran Archiles (University of Valencia) and Dominique Soucy (Université Franche-Comté).

We would be delighted to meet you on the other side of the waves.

Best wishes,

Vicent Sanz Rozalén
Manuel Pérez Lecha
History, Political Cultures and Social Movements
Hablemos de Historia
Universitat Jaume I (Spain)


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Scott Taylor is an associate professor in the history department at the University of Kentucky.


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