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Greer on Enclosure in the Americas, and Reviews in the AHR April ’12

The American Historical Review 117.2 (April 2012) features an article and reviews for us:

Allan Greer, “Commons and Enclosure in the Colonization of North America.”

Maria Helena P.T. Machado reviews Walter Hawthorne, From Africa to Brazil: Culture, Identity, and an Atlantic Slave Trade, 1600–1830 (Cambridge University Press, 2010).

Claudia Guarisco reviews William F. Connell, After Moctezuma: Indigenous Politics and Self-Government in Mexico City, 1524–1730 (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press. 2011).

Nora E. Jaffary reviews David Tavárez, The Invisible War: Indigenous Devotions, Discipline, and Dissent in Colonial Mexico (Stanford University Press, 2011).

Donald J. Kagay reviews Jesús D. Rodríguez-Velasco and Eunice Rodríguez Ferguson, Order and Chivalry: Knighthood and Citizenship in Late Medieval Castile (Penn, 2010).

Theresa Earenfight reviews Grace E. Coolidge, Guardianship, Gender, and the Nobility in Early Modern Spain (Ashgate, 2011).

Damian J. Smith reviews Bryan Givens, Judging Maria de Macedo: A Female Visionary and the Inquisition in Early Modern Portugal (LSU Press, 2011).


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