Reviews in the Spring ’11 RQ

In Renaissance Quarterly, Spring 2011, the following reviews:

Adam G. Beaver reviews Miguel Morán Turino, La memoria de las piedras: Anticuarios, arqueólogos, y coleccionistas de antiguëdades en la España de los Austrias.

Noel Fallows reviews Michael Solomon, Fictions of Well-Being: Sickly Readers and Vernacular Medical Writing in Late Medieval and Early Modern Spain.

Marlen Bidwell-Steiner reviews Oliva Sabuco de Nantes Barrera, The True Medicine, trans. Gianna Pomata.

Hilaire Kallendorf reviews Ryan D. Giles, The Laughter of the Saints: Parodies of Holiness in Late Medieval and Renaissance Spain.

Peter E. Thompson reviews María Mercedes Carrión, Subject Stages: Marriage, Theater, and the Law in Early Modern Spain.

María Morrás reviews Frederick A. de Armas, Ovid in the Age of Cervantes.

Claudia Mesa reviews Bradley J. Nelson, The Persistence of Presence: Emblem and Ritual in Baroque Spain.

María Jesús Zamora Calvo reviews Gunnar W. Knutsen, Servants of Satan and Masters of Demons: The Spanish Inquisition’s Trials for Superstition, Valencia and Barcelona, 1478-1700.

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Scott Taylor is an associate professor in the history department at the University of Kentucky.


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