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Bulletin of Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies: 35, 1 – Spring 2011

I mentioned previously that this new, peer-reviewed version of the Bulletin was now out. Since then I decided that, despite my policy of trying not to replicate information that can be found on the ASPHA website or Espora, I need to include the Bulletin on EM Spanish History Notes so that this blog can be as comprehensive a survey of current scholarship as possible. So here it is: The Bulletin for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies, 35, 1 (2011):

Carla R. Phillips, “The Allied Occupation of Madrid in 1710: A Turning Point in the War of the Spanish Succession.”

Mercedes Llorente, “Portraits of Children at the Spanish Court in the Seventeenth Century: The Infanta Margarita and the Young King Carlos II.”

Luna Nájera, “Myth and Prophecy in Juan Ginés de Sepúlveda’s Crusading ‘Exhortación.'”

Maria Christina Osswald, Ambientes jesuítas no Brasil à data da Supressão.”

Carlos Gómez-Centurión Jiménez, Virtuosos e impertinentes: los pájaros de cámara en la corte española del siglo XVIII.”

Jodi Campbell reviews William D. Phillips, Jr. and Carla Rahn Phillips, A Concise History of Spain (Cambridge, 2010).

Katie Harris reviews Stephanie Fink De Backer, Widowhood in Early Modern Spain: Protectors, Proprietors, and Patrons (Brill, 2010).

Jessica Fowler reviews Lisa Vollendorf, The Lives of Women: A New History of Inquisitorial Spain (Vanderbilt, 2005).

Teddy Sim Y.H. reviews Anthony Disney, A History of Portugal and the Portuguese Empire: From the Beginnings to 1807 (Cambridge, 2009).

Enrique Sanabria reviews Stephen Jacobson, Catalonia’s Advocates: Lawyers, Society, and Politics in Barcelona, 1750-1900 (UNC Press, 2009).


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