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Golden Age (or Early Modern?) Spain in the PMLA Jan 2011

The January 2011 PMLA has several things for us.

Margaret R. Greer, “Mine and Thine: The Spanish ‘Golden Age’ and Early Modern Studies.”

Alison Weber, “Golden Age or Early Modern: What’s in a Name?”

“Three Literary Manifestos of Early Modern Spain,” Juan Boscán and Garcilaso de la Vega. Intro. and trans. Anne J. Cruz and Elias L. Rivers.

Full PDF files, found by following the link on the journal title above, require subscription.


Review in the Spring ’11 JIH

In the Spring 2011 Journal of Interdisciplinary History, David Ringrose reviews Elvira Vilches, New World Gold: Cultural Anxiety and Monetary Disorder in Early Modern Spain (University of Chicago, 2010).

Link to review requires subscription.

More Web Resources for Spanish History

I’ve added a few more links to the “Resources” sidebar, all of them coming to my attention thanks to Adam G. Beaver. Here they are:

– Biblia Medieval
– Biblioteca Digital Hispánica
– Bibliotheca Islamo-Christiana Latina
– Corpus del español
– Iberian Language and Literature Web
– Ministerio de Cultura – Archivos (includes PARES)
– Portal del hispanismo (Instituto Cervantes)

Are there any other that we’ve missed? What do you use?

2010 Books I Missed, Part 2

Vincent Barletta, Death in Babylon: Alexander the Great and Iberian Empire in the Muslim Orient (U of Chicago, 2010).

Peninsular War in the TLS – Updated

There’s a small review section on the Peninsular War in the current Times Literary Supplement (Sadly, there’s still no way of knowing from the website what the actual date of publication is for the relevant issue). It’s in the March 11, 2011 issue, p. 26 – thanks to Samuel Garcia.

Alicia Laspra reviews Ian Robertson, An Atlas of the Peninsular War (Yale, 2010), and Nick Lipscombe, The Peninsular War Atlas (Osprey, 2010).

John Ure reviews Ben Hughes, Conquer or Die! Wellington’s Veterans and the Liberation of the New World (Osprey, 2010).

Bulletin for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies

The first volume of the Bulletin for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies, ASPHS’s new peer-reviewed journal, is now online.

Thanks to Ed Behrend-Martínez for the tip.

Winter ’11 Hispanic Review

The Winter 2011 Hispanic Review has an article and some reviews for us.

Lisa Voigt, “Imperial Celebrations, Local Triumphs: The Rhetoric of Festival Accounts in the Portuguese Empire.”

Sergio Rivera-Ayala reviews Hugo Hernán Rodríguez, Fiesta, espectáculo y teatralidad en el México de los conquistadores (Madrid: Iberoamericana, 2009).

Alexander Samson reviews Alban K. Forcione, Majesty and Humanity: Kings and their Doubles in the Political Drama of the Spanish Golden Age (Yale, 2009).

Lisa Volldendorf reviews Bruce Burningham, Tilting Cervantes: Baroque Reflections on Postmodern Culture (Vanderbilt University Press, 2008).

In Memoriam: R. B. Tate

The medievalist R. B. Tate has died.

Thanks to Adam G. Beaver for this sad news.

In Memoriam: Marcial Pons

El País has an obituary for Marcial Pons, who died yesterday.

Thanks to Adam G. Beaver for this sad news.

Journal of Medieval & Early Modern Studies

The Winter, 2011 issue of the Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies is a special issue on Theodor de Bry, and it features a few articles for us.

Edward M. Test, “‘A Dish fit for the gods’: Mexica Sacrifice in De Bry, Las Casas, and Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.”

Ann Rosalind Jones, “Ethnographer’s Sketch, Sensational Engraving, Full-Length Portrait: Print Genres for Spanish America in Girolamo Benzoni, the De Brys, and Cesare Vecellio.”

Walter Mignolo, “Crossing Gazes and the Silence of the ‘Indians’: Theodor de Bry and Guaman Poma de Ayala.”