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In Memoriam: Henry Tom

The JHU Gazette recently featured an article on the death of Henry Tom, the recently retired executive editor of the Johns Hopkins University Press.

Thanks to Kimberly Lynn for alerting me to this sad news.


New in Paper: Hess’s Forgotten Frontier

The University of Chicago Press has a new paperback version of Andrew C. Hess, The Forgotten Frontier: A History of the Sixteenth-Century Ibero-African Frontier.

In Memoriam: Feb 2011 Perspectives

In Perspectives on History, February 2011, Lauren Benton has an essay on the late Anthony John Russell-Wood, and Benjamin H. Johnson has an essay on the late David J. Weber.

Reviews in the Winter ’10 SCJ

The Sixteenth Century Journal, Winter 2010, has several reviews for us:

Roger Louis Martinez reviews Fernando González de León, The Road to Rocroi: Class, Culture, and Command in the Spanish Army of Flanders (Brill, 2009).

Tim Brook reviews Tonio Andrade, How Taiwan Became Chinese: Dutch, Spanish, and Han Colonization in the Seventeenth Century (Columbia University Press, 2008).

Ronald H. Fritze reviews The Indian Militia and Description of the Indies: Captain Bernardo de Vargas Machuca, ed. Kris Lane, trans. Timothy F. Johnson (Duke, 2008).

Michela Catto reviews Carlos Alberto de Moura Ribeiro Zeron,  Ligne de foi: La Compagnie de Jésus et l’esclavage dans le processus de formation de la societé coloniale en Amérique portugaise (XVIe-XVIIe siècles) (Paris: Honoré Champion, 2009).

Linde M. Brocato reviews El Quijote Hoy: La riqueza de su recepción, ed. Klaus-Dieter Ertler and Alejandro Rodríguez Díaz (Madrid: Iberoamericana, and Frankfurt: Vervuert, 2007).

Danae T. Orlins reviews Approaches to Teaching Lazarillo de Tormes and the Picaresque Tradition, ed. Anne J. Cruz (MLA, 2008).

Donald J. Kagay reviews Marilyn H. Fedewa, María of Ágreda: Mystical Lady in Blue (University of New Mexico Press, 2009).

Frank A. Domínguez reviews Jill Ross, Figuring the Feminine: The Rhetoric of Female Embodiment in Medieval Hispanic Literature (University of Toronto Press, 2008).

Anna Reid reviews La imagen religiosa en la Monarquía hispánica: Usos y espacios, ed. María Cruz de Carlos, Pierre Civil, Felipe Pereda, and Cécile Vincent-Cassy (Madrid: Casa de Velázquez, 2008).

Portuguese Physicians at the Warburg

The Warburg Institute in London is hosting a conference on Feb 18-19 (this week), entitled, “Portuguese Physicians in the Early Modern Period: Geographical Expansion and Medical Prudence.”

Speakers include: Jon Arrizabalaga, Bruno Barreiros, Hervé Baudry, Adelino Cardoso, Mário Sérgio Farelo, Palmira Fontes da Costa, Guido Giglioni, Henrique Leitão, Manuel Marques, Bruno Martins, Francisco Silva, and Timothy D. Walker.

Thanks to Adam G. Beaver for the tip.

2010 Books I Missed, Pt. 1

María M. Carrión, Subject Stages: Marriage, Theatre, and the Law in Early Modern Spain (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2010).

Michael Solomon, Fictions of Well-Being: Sickly Readers and Vernacular Medical Writing in Late Medieval and Early Modern Spain (Penn, 2010).

Reviews in the Journal of World History, Dec 2010

In the Journal of World History, Dec 2010:

Scott P. Marler reviews Marcy Norton, Sacred Gifts, Profane Pleasures: A History of Tobacco and Chocolate in the Atlantic World (Cornell 2008).

Karin Vélez reviews Stuart B. Schwartz, All Can Be Saved: Tolerance and Salvation in the Iberian Atlantic World (Yale, 2008).

Scott Eastman reviews Bernal Díaz del Castillo, The History of the Conquest of the New World, ed. David Carrasco (University of New Mexico Press).

Jodi Campbell reviews Scott K. Taylor, Honor and Violence in Golden Age Spain (Yale, 2008). (Thanks for the kind words! This review summed up my arguments better than I ever could have.)

Reviews require subscription to Project Muse.

A Missed Opportunity?

Jennifer Kolpacoff Deane, A History of Medieval Heresy and Inquisition (Rowman & Littlefield, 2010), purports to cover heresy and inquisition in Europe from 1100 to 1500, but there’s no chapter on Spain at all!


I mean, I’m sure it’s a good book for what it does cover – mysticism, Spiritual Franciscans, Waldensians, witchcraft, Lollards, Hussites, etc. – and no survey book can do everything, but come on.

New Books from Penn State: Feb 2011

Erin Kathleen Rowe, Saint and Nation: Santiago, Teresa of Avila, and Plural Identities in Early Modern Spain (Penn State, 2011).

Martin Austin Nesvig, Forgotten Franciscans: Works from an Inquisitional Theorist, a Heretic, and an Inquisitional Deputy (Penn State, 2011).