Spanish History at the SCSC, Montreal 2010

EM Spanish History Notes sorts through the conference program so you don’t have to: here’s Spanish history at the Montreal 2010 Sixteenth Century Studies Conference. (Sadly, our panels are at competing times far too often.)

Thursday, Oct 14, 1:30-3:00

5. Honor and Shame in the Early Modern Mediterranean Fontaine D
Organizer and Chair: Eric Dursteler, Brigham Young University
Discussant: Scott Taylor, Siena College
“Whither Honor?”
Allyson Poska, University of Mary Washington

6.Women Religious as Patients and Healers Fontaine G
Organizer And Chair: Alison Weber, University of Virginia
“Apply Olive Oil, Fennel, and Pieces of Veil”: A Spanish Nun as Healer during the “Hunger Years”
Alison Weber
Discussant: Silvia Evangelisti, University of East Anglia

9. Visions of the Christian Past in Golden Age Spain St-Lambert
Organizer And Chair: Kate van Liere, Calvin College
“The “False Chronicles” as Historia Sacra in Early Modern Spain”
Katrina Olds, University of San Francisco
“The Greatest Crusade that Never Was: Lope de Vega’s Jerusalén Conquistada”
Adam Beaver, Princeton University
“The first Spanish saints in Ambrosio de Morales’s Coronica General de España”
Kate van Liere

Thursday, Oct 14, 3:30-5:00

24. Translating and Defending European Religious and Commercial Missions to the Americas Fontaine H
Organizer: Sigrun Haude, University of Cincinnati
Chair: Andrew Gow, University of Alberta
“Martyrdom in the Atlantic 1570–1571”
Anne McGinness, University of Notre Dame
“Esclavos, Forçados, y Buenas Boyas: The First Regular Galley Force in Sixteenth-Century Tierra Firme”
Max Deardorff, University of Notre Dame

32. Jewish Literature and Culture in Early Modern Europe Côte St Luc
Organizer: Cathy Yandell, Carleton College
Chair: Stephen Burnett, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
“From Old World Synagogue to New: What happened to Sephardic synagogue design and architecture between the Iberian expulsion of the Jews in the 1490s and the first New World synagogue in Brazil?”
Barry Stiefel, College of Charleston

35. Crime and the Role of Language Verdun
Organizer: Sigrun Haude, University of Cincinnati
Chair: Kathryn A. Edwards, University of South Carolina
“Pleading Captivity in Early-Modern Spain: Bureaucratic and Popular Articulations of North African Captivity, 1580–1650”
Daniel Hershenzon, University of Michigan

Friday, Oct 15, 8:30-10:00

52. Empire and Colonialism in the Early Modern Hispanic World St-Lambert
Organizer: Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt, Cleveland State University
Chair: Kate van Liere, Calvin College
“Policing the Conscience: The Confessional Manual of Bartolomé de las Casas and the Battle for the Spanish Soul”
Nicholas Bomba, Princeton University
“The Rhetoric of Desolation and the Early Modern Critique of Empire”
Christopher van Ginhoven, Trinity College

56. Memories and Narratives of Confessional Exile in Early Modern Europe Westmount

Sponsor: Leiden University NWO-VICI Project Tales of the Revolt
Organizer: Johannes Muller, Leiden University
Chair: Judith Pollmann, Leiden University
“Confessional and Cultural Memory in the Western Sephardi Diaspora”
Harm den Boer, University of Basel

57. Transnational Female Monasticism and Spirituality Outremont
Organizer: Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt, Cleveland State University
Chair: Alison Weber, University of Virginia
“Under a Bishop’s Care: The Reform of Female Monasticism in Spain and England, 1490–1520”
Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt
“Beguines” and Beyond: Comparing Lay Religious Women’s Communities in Late-Medieval and Early Modern Europe”
Jennifer Kolpacoff Deane, University of Minnesota Morris

Friday, Oct 15, 10:30-12:00

70. In Honor of the Quincentennial of the Birth of St. Francis Borgia, S.J. St-Pierre
Sponsor: Society for Early Modern Catholic Studies
Organizer: Maria del Pilar Ryan, United States Military Academy
Chair and Discussant: Thomas M. Cohen, Catholic University of America
“St. Francis Borgia and the Death of St. Ignatius of Loyola”
Maria del Pilar Ryan
“How “the worms infested the apple”: Francisco de Borja and the Converso Question”
Robert Aleksander Maryks, Boston College
“The Shifting Fortunes of the Vernacular and the Spanish Index of Prohibited Books”
Daniel I. Wasserman Soler, University of Virginia

71. Bordellos and Streetscapes: Translating Urban Spaces in Early Modern Madrid St-Lambert
Organizer: Anne J. Cruz, University of Miami
Chair and Discussant: Laura Bass, Tulane University
“Veiled Faces and Urban Spaces”
Carmen Peraita, Villanova University
“A Literary Account of Life in a Madrid Brothel: The Life and Times of Mother Andrea”
Enriqueta Zafra, Trent University
“Translating Sinful Spaces: Mother Andrea Englished”
Anne J. Cruz

Friday, Oct 15, 3:30-5:00

101. New Perspectives on Marriage and Remarriage II: Troublesome Marriages in Spain and Italy Fontaine E
Organizer and Chair: Anne Jacobson Schutte, University of Virginia
Discussant: Shannon McSheffrey, Concordia University
“Patrician Widows and Remarriage in Late Medieval Valencia”
Dana Wessell Lightfoot, University of Texas at El Paso
“Same-Sex Unions in Early Modern Spain”
Sherry Velasco, University of Southern California

104. Women as Carriers of Power, Culture, and Education in Early Modern Europe Fontaine H
Organizer: Sigrun Haude, University of Cincinnati
Chair: Jonathan A. Reid, East Carolina University
“Empress Isabel of Portugal and her Books: A Fortress of Cultural Memory in the Age of Plague”
Aurelio Espinosa, Arizona State University

Saturday, Oct 16, 8:30-10:00

120. The Making of the Ottoman Empire and the Context of Sixteenth-Century Europe and the Mediterranean Fontaine D
Organizer And Chair: Ebru Turan, Fordham University
Discussant: E. Natalie Rothman, University of Toronto
“The Ottoman-Habsburg Imperial Rivalry for Universal Monarchy (1520–1540)”
Ebru Turan

123. From Goa to Geneva: What is Wonder-Full/ Miraculous Fontaine G
Sponsor: Princeton Theological Seminary
Organizer: Elsie McKee, Princeton Theological Seminary
Chair: Kenneth Appold, Princeton Theological Seminary
“Many Particular and Notable Things” in the Christian Conversion of Muslim Women in Jesuit Missions in Portuguese Goa”
Haruko Nawata Ward, Columbia Theological Seminary

124. Love, Finance, and Confession in Early Modern European Marriage Fontaine H
Organizer: Sigrun Haude, University of Cincinnati
Chair: Joel Harrington, Vanderbilt University
“Apex and Collapse of the Dowry Market in a Provincial Castilian City: Cuenca, 1500–1669”
Sara Nalle, William Paterson University

129. Gender in Early Modern Spain St-Lambert
Organizer and Chair: Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt, Cleveland State University
“Old Midwives and Healers: the Dismantle of a Profession in Early Modern Spanish Literature”
Encarnación Juárez-Almendros, University of Notre Dame
“Flashes of Light: The Function of Female Subjectivity in Two Golden Age Plays”
Tara Ann Sujko, Boston College
“Constructing the Early Modern Spanish Husband: Advice to Married Men”
Darcy Donahue, Miami University

135. Regents, Bishops, and Inquisitors in the Habsburg Netherlands, 1520s–1560s Verdun
Organizer: Hans Cools, Catholic University of Leuven
Chair and Discussant: Guido Marnef, University of Antwerp
““While the Cat is Away…”: Charles V, His Regents, and the Fight against Heresy in the Netherlands”
Victoria Christman, Luther College
“Bishops in the Netherlands before the Catholic Renewal, 1519–1559”
Hans Cools
“Debate to Reconcile: The Working Method and Intellectual Framework of Theologians-Inquisitors in the Netherlands”
Gert Gielis, Catholic University of Leuven

137. Spain, the Netherlands and France I Lasalle
Organizers: Lynette M. F. Bosch, SUNY Geneseo and Larry Silver, University of Pennsylvania
Chair: Steven Stowell, University of Toronto
““With the Most Diligence Possible”: Francisco de Zurbarán and the Overseas Art Trade in the Seventeenth Century”
Lori Kata, Berman Museum of Art

Saturday, Oct 16, 10:30-12:00

150. Forced Monachization Fontaine E
Organizer: Anne Jacobson Schutte, University of Virginia
Chair and Discussant: Jeffrey R. Watt, University of Mississippi
“Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz’s Doubts about Her Vocation: An Occupation, a Vocation, or a Choice?”
Maria José Delgado, McMaster University

152. The Pursuit of Peace, Compromise, and Unity in Early Modern and Modern Europe Westmount
Organizers: Sigrun Haude, University of Cincinnati, and R. Ward Holder, Saint Anselm College
Chair: Susan Karant-Nunn, University of Arizona
“Habsburg Pacification and Negotiation Strategies during the Dutch Revolt (1566–1581)”
Violet Soen, Catholic University of Leuven
“The Rhetoric of Peace: Justus Lipsius, Elite Political Culture, and Spanish Imperial Foreign Policy under Philip III”
William Goldman, Stanford University

Sunday, Oct 17, 8:30-10:00

209. Art for Kings and Emperors Lachine
Organizer: Cynthia Stollhans, Saint Louis University
Chair: Charlotte Poulton, Brigham Young University
“Currency and Incarnation: Sixteenth-Century Portuguese Illuminated Coins and Notions of Kingship, Conquest, and National Identity”
Susan Wight Swanson, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Sunday, Oct 17, 10:30-12:00

221. Diplomats and Ambassadors at the Centers of Politics, Religion, and Commerce Westmount
Organizer: Sigrun Haude, University of Cincinnati
Chair: Frederic Baumgartner, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
“Overcoming the Salic Law: Spanish Diplomats at the Papal Court and the French Succession Crisis, 1589–1595”
Edward Tenace, Lyon College
“The Portuguese New Christian Network, Rome and the Portuguese Inquisition 1532–1555”
James Nelson Novoa, Catedra de Estudos Sefarditas “Alberto Benveniste,” University of Lisbon


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