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Velázquez in the NYRB

The Sept 30, 2010 New York Review of Books features an essay by Willibald Sauerländer entitled, “The Painter’s Painter: Velázquez After 350 Years.”


The Spain-North Africa Project

There is a new initiative entitled the Spain-North Africa Project (SNAP) that emerged this summer from the NEH summer institute in Barcelona. It aims to promote the study of Iberia and the Maghrib as a whole, both for the medieval and early modern periods, and is interdisciplinary. Check out their website – lots of good information on conferences, etc.

Thanks to Adam Beaver for the tip.

TLS Review of Kamen’s Escorial – Updated!

The September 3 issue of the Times Literary Supplement features a review by Theodore K. Rabb of Henry Kamen’s The Escorial: Art and Power in the Renaissance (Yale, 2010).

I can’t feature a link to it, however, because the TLS’s website is antiquated.*

Thanks to Adam Beaver for the tip!

*Here is the link, but only for subscribers to the TLS:

Thanks to Samuel Garcia for the link.

TNR: Rowland on Kamen

Ingrid Rowland reviews Henry Kamen, The Escorial: Art and Power in the Renaissance (Yale, 2010).

Second Anniversary

So it’s been two years since I’ve started this blog – I’m celebrating by changing the format, as you can see. It sacrifices readibility, a bit, for a cleaner, smoother style – I hope you like it. If you really have trouble reading things on the sidebar, let me know and I’ll switch to something else. Since January, 2010, EM Spanish History Notes has been averaging 500 “hits” per month, although I have no idea how many hits equals one person browsing through the blog in one sit-down.

No book really jumped out this year like Schwartz, All Can Be Saved, last year – so no “book of the year” prize. There were two big trends, though, as I see them. First, the prominence of art history -books, articles, conferences, and especially exhibitions. Second, the prominence of Portugal, in books, articles, and reviews. How fitting, then, that the ASHPS conference will be in Lisbon next year! Again, EM Spanish History Notes is a forward-thinking, trend-setter…

Thanks for reading –  I hope you find this blog as profitable to read as I find it enjoyable to write.

New Books: Late Summer 2010

Elisabeth Hardouin-Fugier, Bull-Fighting, A Troubled History (Reaktion, 2010).

Defending the Conquest: Bernardo de Vargas Machuca’s Defense and Discourse of the Western Conquests, ed. Kris Lane, trans. Timothy F. Johnson (Penn St., 2010).

Diego García, Emilio de, Para entender la derrota de Napoleón en España (Arco Libros, 2010).

Ladero Quesada, Miguel Ángel, Ejércitos y armadas de los Reyes Católicos: Nápoles y El Rosellón (1494-1504) (Real Academia de Historia, 2010).

Delgado Barrado, José Miguel, Andalucía en Guerra, 1808-1814 (Universidad de Jaén, 2010).

Memoria de los moriscos: escritos y relatos de una diáspora cultural, ed. Alfredo Mateos Paramio and Juan Carlos Villaverde Amieva (Sociedad Estatal de Conmemoraciones, 2010).

Penn St. Wants an Early Modern Iberia/Mediterranean Historian

Here’s the ad for tenure-track assistant professor on H-Net.

Reviews in the Fall ’10 RQ

3 reviews for us in the latest Renaissance Quarterly, Fall 2010:

Edward V. George reviews Spanish Humanism on the Verge of the Picaresque: Juan Maldonado’s Ludus Chartarum, Pastor Bonus, and Bacchanalia, ed. Warren S. Smith and Clark A. Colahan (Leuven University Press, 2009).

José Martínez Torrejón reviews Juan Ginés de Sepúlveda, Obras completas: Epistolario, ed. Ignacio J. García Pinilla and Julián Solana Pujalte (Ayuntamiento de Pozoblanco, 2007).

Damian Bacich reviews Abraham Madroñal, Humanismo y filología en Siglo de Oro: En torno de la obra de Bartolomé Jiménez Patón, ed. José Antonio Pascual (Iberoamerica Vervuet, 2009).

Links to reviews require subscription to the Renaissance Quarterly.