Las Meninas in the Art Bulletin

There are 7 articles about Velázquez’s Las Meninas in the Art Bulletin 91 (March-June):

Byron Ellsworth Hamann, “The Mirrors of Las Meninas: Cochineal, Silver, and Clay.”

Adam Herring, “Response: Picturing Colonial Encounters.”

Walter D. Mignolo, “Response: Las Meninas, A Decolonial Response.”

Felipe Pereda, “Response: The Invisible? New World.”

Suzanne L. Stratton-Pruitt, “Response: Why Drag In Velázquez?”

Emily Umberger and Francesca Bavuso, “Response: Reflections on Reflections.”

Byron Ellsworth Hamann, “Interventions: The Author Replies.”

Thanks to Kimberly Lynn for the tip!

Link to the Art Bulletin requires subscription to ProQuest.


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One thought on “Las Meninas in the Art Bulletin

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