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SCJ Spring ’10 (Updated!)

There’s an article and some reviews for us in The Sixteenth Century Journal 41 (Spring 2010).

Kristy Wilson Bowers, “Tradition and Innovation in Spanish Medicine: Bartolomé Higalgo de Agüero and the Vía Particular.”

James S. Amelang reviews Material and Symbolic Circulation between Spain and England 1554-1604 (Ashgate, 2008), ed. Anne J. Cruz.

S. Elizabeth Penry reviews Alan Durston, Pastoral Quechua (University of Notre Dame, 2007).

Gabriela dos Reis Sampaio reviews Pelo Vaso Traseiro: Sodomy and Sodomites in Luso-Brazilian History, ed. Harold Johnson and Francis A. Dutra (Fenestra, 2007).

Donald J. Kagay reviews Theresa of Avila, trans. Kieran Kavanaugh and Odilio Rodríguez, intro. Jodi Bilinkoff (Hackett, 2008).

Whitney Leeson reviews Invading Guatemala: Spanish, Nahua, and Maya Accounts of the Conquest Wars, Matthew Restall and Florine Asselbergs (Penn State, 2007).

Anna Reid reviews Michael Schreffler, The Art of Allegiance: Visual Culture and Imperial Power in Baroque New Spain (Penn State, 2008).

Gian Mario Cao reviews Silva. Estudios de Humanismo y Tradición Clásica (Universidad de León, 2007).

Frank A. Domínguez reviews Adrienne Laskier Martín, An Erotic Philology of Golden Age Spain (North Carolina, 2008).

James S. Amelang reviews Stuart B. Schwartz, All Can Be Saved: Toleration and Salvation in the Iberian Atlantic World (Yale, 2008).

And one I missed the first time: Michael A. Cramer reviews Braden Frieder, Chivalry and the Perfect Prince: Tournaments, Art and Armor in the Spanish Habsburg Court (Truman State University Press, 2008).


Burlesque, Parodic, & Satiric in La Corónica

La Corónica: A Journal of Medieval Hispanic Languages, Literatures, and Cultures 38 (Fall 2009) features a special issue on “The Burlesque, the Parodic and the Satiric in Medieval and Early Modern Spain,” edited by Frank A. Domínguez. It’s all literary criticism, no history, but an interesting topic.

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Anglo-Iberian Relations: Special Issue of JEMCS

The Spring/Summer 2010 Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies features a special issue entitled, “The Spanish Connection: Literary and Historical Perspectives on Anglo-Iberian Relations,” with guest editors Barbara Fuchs and Brian C. Lockey. Most of the articles are English focused, really, but it does include:

Barbara Fuchs, “Introduction: The Spanish Connection: Literary and Historical Perspectives on Anglo-Iberian Relations.”

Jason Eldred, “‘The Just Will Pay for the Sinners’: English Merchants, the Trade with Spain, and Elizabethan Foreign Policy, 1563-1585.”

María J. Pando Canteli, Tentado Vados: The Martyrdom Politics of Luisa de Carvajal y Mendoza.”

Also, Elizabeth Rhodes reviews Rereading the Black Legend: The Discourses of Religious and Racial Difference in the Renaissance Empires, ed. Margaret R. Greer, Walter D. Mignolo, and Maureen Quilligan (U of Chicago, 2007).

and George Vahamikos reviews Material and Symbolic Circulation between Spain and England, 1554-1604, ed. Anne J. Cruz (Ashgate, 2008).

Links require Project Muse.

Spring/Summer ’10 JMIS Articles

Two articles in the latest Journal of Medieval Iberian Studies:

Emma Gatland, “Saintly Models: Isabel la Católica and the Commissioning of a Flos Sanctorum.”

Alessandro Vanoli, “Between Absence and Presence: New Paths in the Historiography of Islam in the New World.”

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Cartography in the Spring ’10 JMEMS

Seth R. Kimmel, “Interpreting Inaccuracy: The Fiction of Longitude in Early Modern Spain,” Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Spring 2010 (40): 299-323.

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’09 Books I Missed, Part 4

Chandra R. de Silva, Portuguese Encounters with Sri Lanka and the Maldives (Ashgate, 2009).

Nikolaos M. Pangiotakes, El Greco – The Cretan Years, trans. John C. Davis, ed. Roderick Beaton (Ashgate, 2009).

JEMH Reviews

In the Journal of Early Modern History 14 No. 3, 2010, Peter H. Wilson reviews Daniel H. Nexon, The Struggle for Power in Early Modern Europe. Religious Conflict, Dynastic Empires, and International Change (Princeton, 2009).

and Erin Rowe reviews J.H. Elliott, Spain, Europe, and the Wider World, 1500-1800 (Yale, 2009).

Review links require subscription.

New Books, Spring 2010

David B. Ruderman, Early Modern Jewry: A New Cultural History (Princeton, 2010).

Jane Burbank and Frederick Cooper, Empires in World History: Power and the Politics of Difference (Princeton, 2010) has half a chapter on Spain.

New in paper: Marcy Norton, Sacred Gifts, Profane Pleasures: A History of Tobacco and Chocolate in the Atlantic World (Cornell, 2009).