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Journal of Modern History: “The Morisco Age”

The December 2009 Journal of Modern History features a review article by Mercedes García-Arenal, “Religious Dissent and Minorities: The Morisco Age.”

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LRB Review: The Sacred Made Real

The December 3 London Review of Books features Peter Campbell reviewing the exhibition, “The Sacred Made Real,” at the National Gallery, London.

AHA Meeting: San Diego

I read the AHA Meeting schedule so you don’t have to: here are the papers and panels relevant to us that will be taking place in San Diego in 2 weeks. I’m leaving out all the Latin American topics because there are too many; the Conference on Latin American History is an affiliate with the AHA.

Except two: these are in honor Stuart B. Schwartz, whose recent book, All Can Be Saved, is so central to peninsular history as well. All Can Be Saved has won more awards since I last posted about it, Bolton-Johnson Prize from the Conference of Latin American History which will also be awarded at the AHA. Further, the book has been translated into Portuguese, and will appear in Spanish (Ed. Akal, 2010).

Here are the panels (forgive me for leaving out papers not directly related to Spanish/hispanic world history):

Thurs Jan 7, 3:00-5:00
“Science and Empire in the Spanish Atlantic: Natural History Investigations in the Eighteenth-Century Spanish Empire.”
Hyatt, Elizabeth Ballroom A
Chair: Susan Deans-Smith
Paula S. De Vos, “Natural History and the Salvation of the Spanish Empire in the Age of Enlightenment”
Matthew J. Crawford, “The Co-Production of Nature and Empire: Botanical Debate and the ‘Two Paths’ for Exploiting Quina in the Spanish Atlantic, 1792-1801”
Miruna Achim, “States of Geography: Alzate’s Maps between New Spain and European Cabinets”
Emily Berquist, “The Science of Empire: Local Botany in Late Bourbon Peru”
Comment: Susan Deans-Smith

Thurs Jan 7, 3:00-5:00
“The Sea Changes of Early Modern Worlds”
Hyatt, Manchester Ballroom B
Chair: Antonio Barrera-Osorio
April Lee Hatfield, “The Caribbean as Archipelago”
Carla Rahn Phillips, “The Oceanic Challenges of the Spanish World”
Comment: Jana K. Lipman

Thurs Jan 7, 3:00-5:00
“Migrations in the Early Modern Atlantic World”
Hyatt, Elizabeth Ballroom H
Chair: Alan Gallay
Nancy E. van Deusen, “Migrations Real and Imagined: Indigenous Slaves of the Iberian Atlantic Tell Their Stories, 1530-60”
M. Kittiya Lee, “Indigenous Migrants and the Foreign Indians of Colonial Portuguese America”
Fabricio Prado, “Departing without Leaving: The Luso-Brazilians under the Spanish Rule in Rio de la Plata, 1777-1808”
Comment: Kenneth J. Andrien

Thurs Jan 7
“Threads of Power, Violence and Reputation: The Experiences of Women in the Crown of Aragon”
Marriott, Coronado Room
Chair & Comment: Marie A. Kelleher
Núria Silleras-Fernández, “The Power of Reputation: Adultery and Politics in Late Medieval Iberia”
Dana Wessell Lightfoot, “He Said ‘Adulteress!’ She Said ‘Abuser’: Marital Disputes in the Late Medieval Valencian Civil Courts”
Michelle Armstrong-Partida, “Clerical Violence against Women: The Raping, Beating, and Harassing of female Parishioners of Late Medieval Catalunya”

Fri Jan 8, 9:30-11:30
Cruzando el charco/Crossing the Ocean: Joseph Blanco White and the Birth of Spanish and Spanish American Liberalism”
Hyatt, Madeleine A
Chair: Pamela Radcliff
Christopher Schmidt-Nowara, “The Blanco Whites: War, Captivity, and Spanish Antislavery, 1808-14”
Alberto Sahagun, “Jose Maria Blanco White and the Birth of Spanish Liberalism, 1808-14”
María Elena Diaz, “Translating or Re-writing British Abolitionism for a Spanish Audience?”
Comment: Jesus Cruz

Fri Jan 8, 2:30-4:30
“Racial and Religious Discourses in Colonial and Post-Colonial Latin America: A Tribute to Stuart B. Schwartz, Part 1”
Marriott, Torrey 3
Chair: Herbert S. Klein
Martin Nesvig, “Salamanca and the Formation of the Mexican Inquisition in the Sixteenth Century”
Allyson M. Poska, “Immigrant Spiritualities: Spanish Peasants and Religious Devotion in the Rio de la Plata”
Arturo Grubessich, “From ‘Indian’ to ‘Spaniard’: Resolving Identities in Eighteenth-Century Chile”
J. Celso Castro Alves, “Racial Democracy Revisited: Afro-Brazilians and the Silencing of Race in Early Nineteenth-Century Brazil”
Ana Lugão Rios, “There’s No Hiding an Elephant: Notes on the Last Africans and Memories of Africa in the Paraiba Valley”

Sat Jan 9, 9:00-11:00
“Debating, Defending, and Negotiating the Spanish ‘Lake'”
Hyatt, Elizabeth Ballroom C
Chair: John R. Gillis
Edward Slack, “Arming Chinese Mestizos in Manila: The Regimiento de Mestizos ‘Real Príncipe’ of Tondo during the Late Eighteenth Century”
James B. Tueller, “Scales of Spain’s empire in the Pacific: From Small Islands to Global Sea Routes”
Rainer Buschmann, “Engaging Pacific Chimeras: Spain and Oceania’s Eighteenth-Century Exploration”
Comment: Carla Rahn Phillips

Sat Jan 9, 9:00-11:00
“Slaving Paths: Rebuilding and Rethinking the Atlantic Worlds, Part 4: The Root: Redrawing the Boundaries of Freedom”
Hyatt, Manchester Ballroom F
Chair: James H. Sweet
Tamara J. Walker, “Color, Status, and the Discourse of Public Rights in Eighteenth-Century Lima, Peru”
Comment: Jane G. Landers

Sat Jan 9, 2:30-4:30
“The Long History of Servitude, Labor Control, and Imprisonment in the Ibero-American World: A Tribute to Stuart B. Schwartz, Part 2”
Hyatt, Edward D
Chair: Eric Van Young
Timothy J. Coates, “The Prison in Luanda, European Convict Labor, and Portuguese Efforts at ‘Effective Colonization’ of the Angolan Colony”
Erik Lars Myrup, “Magisterial Malcontents and Errant Envoys: Asian Connections to Portugal’s Overseas Council, 1642-1833”

Sat Jan 9, 2:30-4:30
“The Franciscan-Indigenous Encounter in Colonial New Spain”
Hyatt, Annie A
Chair: Jeffrey M. Burns
Erika R. Hosselkus, “The Spiritual Colonization of Death: Franciscans and Nahuas in New Spain’s Puebla-Tlaxcala Valley”
Jay T. Harrison, “Para este santo fin: Conflicts between Franciscan Missionary Ideals and the Demands of Mission Administration in Eighteenth-Century Texas”
Pamela J. Huckins, “Friars, Art, and Faith on the Frontier: The Functions of Imagery in the Upper California Missions”
Comment: Iris H. Engstrand

New Book: Sacred Spain

Sacred Spain: Art and Belief in the Spanish World, ed. Ronda Kasl (Yale, 2009).

Hispanic Review: Masculinidades

The Autumn 2009 Hispanic Review includes a review by Harry Vélez Quiñones of José R. Cartagena Calderón, Masculinidades en obras: la drama de la hombría en la España Imperial (Juan de la Cuesta, 2008).

Link requires subscription to Project Muse.

New Book: Teaching Santa Teresa

Approaches to Teaching Teresa of Avila and the Spanish Mystics, ed. Alison Weber (Modern Languages Association of America, 2009).

Plaza Mayor and Madrid: Now in Paper

Cambridge University Press has made a paperback version available of Jesús Escobar, The Plaza Mayor and the Shaping of Baroque Madrid (2004).

Hispania Sacra, No. 124

Several articles in the latest Hispania Sacra, July-Dec, 124:

Ernesto García Fernández, “Las hermandades y cofradías en la Vera Cruz en el País Vasco.”

Guillermo Nieva Ocampo, “‘Dejarlo todo por Dios, es comprar el cielo’: El voto de pobreza, la mendicidad, y el asistencialismo entre los dominicos castillanos (1460-1550).”

Javier Burrieza Sánchez, “Los jesuitas: de las postrimerías a la muerte ejemplar.”

José Manuel Latorre Ciria, “Perfiles de un grupo eclesiástico: las canónigos aragoneses del último tercio del siglo XVIII.”

María Teresa Muñoz Serrulla, “Montes de Piedad eclesiásticos y particulares (S. XVII-XIX): Usos monetarios.”

Rafael M. Pérez García, “Formas interiores y exteriores de la religión en la Baja Andalucía del Renacimiento. Espiritualidad franciscana y religiosidad popular.”

Francisco Salas Salgado, “Sobre los Marginalia en la Carta Apologética (1735) de Manuel Fernández Sidrón: Lecturas en latín y vernaculo de un franciscano canario.”

Francisco J. Sanz de la Higuera, “Carrera eclesiástica y algunos deslices de Felipe de Hoyo y Pedro Celestino Tomé, arcedianos de Burgos (1731-1784).”