(More) Books I Missed

Fuchs, Barbara, Exotic Nation: Maurophilia and the Construction of Early Modern Spain (Penn, 2008).

Laura R. Bass, The Drama of the Portrait: Theater and Visual Culture in Early Modern Spain (Penn State, 2008).

Benjamin, Thomas, The Atlantic World: Europeans, Africans, Indians and Their Shared History (Cambridge, 2009).

Hispania-Austria III: Der spanische Erbfolgekrieg: La Guerra de Sucesión Española, ed. Friedrich Edelmayer, Virginia León Sanz, and José Ignacio Ruiz Rodríguez (Oldenbourg, 2008).

La imagen religiosa en la Monarquía hispánica: Usos y espacios, ed. María Cruz de Carlos, Pierre Civil, Felipe Pereda, and Cécile Vincent-Cassy (Casa de Velázque, 2008).

Approaches to Teaching the Writings of Bartolomé de Las Casas, ed. Santa Arias and Eyda M. Merediz (MLA, 2008).

Diel, Lori Boornazian, The Tira de Tepechpan: Negotiating Place under Aztec and Spanish Rule (Texas, 2008).

Courting the Alhambra: Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to the Hall of Justice Ceilings, ed. Cynthia Robinson and Simone Pinet (Brill, 2008). 

Forcione, Alban K., Majesty and Humanity: Kings and Their Doubles in the Political Drama of the Spanish Golden Age (Yale, 2009).


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Scott Taylor is an associate professor in the history department at the University of Kentucky.


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